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Go Greek in Frisco!

Go Greek at Platia Greek in Frisco
  This League of Extra-Ordinary Reviewers features two of my regular favorites Mayor Maher Maso and Attorney Terri Green. Ann Lieber is a candidate for Collin County Commissioner, Cami Dean is running for the 3rd U.S. Congressional District, and Sally, Rhea, and George Manos who treat me like family.

  Sally Maglaris and Rhea Manos grew up in a large and vibrant Greek family from the South Side of Chicago. George and Rhea have been sweet on each other since childhood in Greek Town. With over 20 first cousins and a Nick in every home, this family is right out of the pages of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’. In fact, the girls are friends with the writer Nia Vardalos.

  They wanted to bring their families restaurant traditions to North Dallas and have truly made their mark in Frisco! Sally is in charge of the kitchen and her happy staff takes their food very seriously. She travels to Greece to bring back more of a sense of her Greek ancestry. “I want my guest to eat like we do with my family. I want them to feel like they could be in Greece.”

  We are friends and I go for lamb chops, octopus, chocolate cake, and a dose of Sally. I have been chasing Sally's food since our days in Addison over 20 years ago. 
  I had the Caffeine Cowboy Coffee Roastery down the street and she had Pita Pavillion and The Stuffed Pocket. Sally has always been refreshing. 
  By way of Facebook, I track pro sports scores more from her than ESPN. If the Stars are playing, Sally is probably not at the restaurant. Even so, the rest of her staff is so welcoming and attentive, that she doesn’t even need to show up. I still feel at home.

  But that’s not happening! You see, Sally loves to cook. She loves the art of it. She enjoys prepping and mixing and especially baking! She is the real deal and her joy is seeing her customers laughing and enjoying the energy of Platia Greek.

JB Blocker, AKA the Caffeine Cowboy

PLATIA Extra-Ordinary REVIEW

Anne Lieber, Huntington Homes

Sally and Rhea -- the two sisters and owners of Platia Greek Kouzina make you feel right at home and it's like you have known them forever! This review is difficult in that EVERYTHING on the menu at Platia Greek Kouzina is to die for! 

  Lunch this past week with Mayor Maso, was actually my 2nd visit to Platia.  The first time was with my husband Marc who tends to be very particular.  He devoured the lamb chops and then told Sally he would like to sample the gyro meat. 
   She brought him a plate full and he ate the entire meal after his entrée!  I told Sally and another friend, I was afraid he was going to kill himself eating! lol!  Sally took it all in stride and seemed to enjoy his overindulgence!

  The Saganki sizzling Greek cheese is a must have for starters. The staff have to make sure they aren't standing under a lamp or fire sprinkler.
  I also enjoyed the Tokokafteri dip, whipped feta cheese blended with roasted red and hot peppers!  The Kalamari was pure perfection-- tender and crisp breading that tastes so fresh.  The surprise for me was the wonderful Ktapodi, grilled octopus --- flavorful and a little hint of citrus. 

We tried 17 different  menu items!
  I was especially pleased with the lamb chops and the eggplant dishes.  Sally explained to us that it was quite hearty. It was delicious almost like a Greek lasagna with the layers of eggplant, potatoes, meat, cheese, and delicious béchamel sauce.

  I'm not necessarily a dessert person; however I am when at Platia!  The desserts are off the chart and would be a draw if that was all that was served.  Chocolate cake, Mille-feulle (layers of flaky pastry filled with vanilla custard, and my favorite Galaktobouriko-- custard filled filo pastry served warm and topped with light syrup. You cannot go wrong with any choice--- a perfect cup of coffee was the perfect end to a fabulous meal!  

 Having such devoted Greek Sisters bringing you their Southside of Chicago moxy and joy keeps the employees and guest alive.

Ann Lieber

 Maher Maso, Frisco’s Mayor

When Maher talks!
 Okay, so I know that I have said this previously, but I really do mean this. 
Platia Greek Kouzina is one of my favorite restaurants in Frisco. Not only is the food amazing, but the atmosphere is very home like that gives it the feeling of “place”.  Part of the experience is the food but the other part is the atmosphere that sisters Sally and Rhea have created.  If you are Greek, you will love the restaurant.  If you are not Greek, you will leave there feeling like you are! 
  This is supposed to be a food review, but if I’m hesitant to actually review the food because I go out to eat to enjoy the company with friends or family and, in this case, the folks at Platia feel like an extended family. The pleasure of good company and family makes any meal special!

  Having said that let me touch on some of my favorites.  If I am entertaining someone new or even when I’m not, the only way I start is with the Saganaki.  This mild Greek cheese that comes served at your table “on fire”, is a great show stopper and also tastes great!  A fun experience for the entire family! 
 If you want to try something new, give the Ktapodi a try.  This tender octopus is really good (trust me on this one!)

  From there, I get lost.  I don’t believe there is anything on the menu that I don’t love! More often than not, I get the combination plates. The Mana Mou has a little of everything including dolmades (grape leaves), chicken or lamb souviaki, Yiros, and your choice of side entrees.  The Yiayia Mou combination plate is just as good, but no meats!  It’s a tough choice between the two – falafel, hummus, Dolmas and a host of meatless favorites are always a hit. 

   Any of the items on the combination plate can be a stand-alone dinner or lunch with some real stand-outs.  I always enjoy the Gyros and the Yia-Yia’s Kota (Greek style roasted chicken) is a must try.

   On the desert side, this is where you lose me.  I simply do not have a favorite!  The Mille-Feuille is excellent, but I would not be able to choose that over the Baklava or Baklava Me Pagoto.  Throw in the Sokolatina, which is a multi layered chocolate cake, and the choices just get too difficult!  Leave room for the dessert!

  In the end, you can’t go wrong at Platia with great food and excellent service.  You will leave there feeling like you spent the evening at your Mom’s house!

Thanks for being a great part of our community ladies!

Maher Maso, Mayor of Frisco

Terri Green Atty, food reviewer, all around Go to Girl!

  When I was invited to dine at PLATIA’S Greek restaurant recently, I was quite hesitant because growing up in Texas I was not quite sure if I would like the cuisine or not.  But, boy was I surprised at their wide assortment of healthy appetizers, entrees, and specialty desserts.

  First of all, the décor of the restaurant was lively, open, and included an energetic atmosphere, along with its aroma of baking which reminded me of the Greek Isles! The combination of Greek delicacies, their presentation, along with the excellence service made it a dining pleasure!

   First up was an array of appetizers.  WOW, talking about a presentation--when Saganaki, a delicious lightly fried Greek cheese appetizer, left the kitchen, we heard it sizzling and upon its arrival at our table was “flamed” with a shout of  “opa’” as an explanation point by our server!  It was as delicious as it was enjoyable to watch as it was being served.  Glad I opted to “dig in” for a taste and not run for a fire extinguisher as was my first thought!

  Well, that unusual presentation sure perked my interest as I could hardly wait for the next delicacy. Next up, a scrumptious appetizer dip called, Tirokafter consisting of whipped feta cheese blended with roasted red & hot peppers and just the right spices to give it a “kick”.  What a savory specialty!

  By that time, I was hooked on Greek food and could not wait for the entrees.  Well, I did not have to wait long until plates and plates started to descend on the table!  Should I try the traditional Souvlaki, medallions of lamb seasoned with olive oil and a special blend of Greek spices, the signature Moussakas (which reminded me of lasagna) with its piled high layers and layers of roasted eggplant, potatoes and ground beef topped with béchamel sauce and oven baked? 
Or, the Brizola, the sinfully tender, flavorful and delicious skirt steak topped with oregano and lemon, flamed broiled and served sizzling.  Yes, the Brizola was exceptional and the highlight of my Greek dining experience!   

  Pushing back from the table, I thought “that was a fantastic Greek meal”, but no, owners, Sally and her sister Rhea would not allow us to leave without tasting her prized family desserts! Oh my,  there were so many perfectly cooked desserts to choose from including the  Mille-Fueille, with textured layers of flaky pastry filled with vanilla custard and dusted with powdered sugar to my new favorite anytime dessert—“Galaktoboureko” hard to pronounce, but easy to gobble up!  This delicious phyllo pastry filled with rich and creamy custard starts with scemolia, flour and just the right touch of milk served warm and drizzled with light syrup!    Wow, that unique dessert sure lived up to its name!
Cami Dean

  I enjoyed one of my favorite meals ever at Platia Greek. I have eaten here often and was already a friend of Sally and Rhea. It was nice to be included with Ann, Terri, J.B., and the Mayor of Frisco! He is quite amusing and from the center seat Maher became the official server.

  I have been dining at Platia for years. My family and friends all love eating at this amazingly charming Greek restaurant.  I have my favorites so in order to try something new, I went along with the Mayor’s suggestion. Nothing beats a fresh stuffed gyro with all the fixings and the best fries. Except, maybe the lollypop Lamb Chops, the marinated steak, or the roasted lamb shanks!

     We all shared the desserts with coffee.  I drink a lot of coffee! I tried some of each! In all, we tried 17 different items from the menu. The chocolate cake is out of this world! This is a destination spot for you and your family.  I hope to see you there!

  Sincerely, Cami Dean 

   So, for any Frisco restaurant seeker wanting a great atmosphere, along with a perfect complement of authentic “Greek” food cooked by experts, take a short ride to Gaylord/Preston, sit in Platia’s main dining room, private dining area, or relax on their outdoor patio. Due to their ever growing frequent diners, go early, as they do not take reservations on the weekends.

  Only one complaint, however-- I did not get to break my plate or see the owners, Sally and her sister Rhea dance!  BUT rest assured on my next visit I will!!

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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