·        Married to Tim for 18 years, daughter Natasha attends FISD
·        PTA member and a band booster volunteer
·        Sunday school teacher, youth counselor, Bible Study Fellowship small  group leader
·        Principal of $250M Telecom Company
·        Senior Solutions Architect responsible for multimillion dollar projects
·        Worked as a CPA in Telecom Industry
·        M.A. in Management Information System, UTD
·        B.A. in Accounting, UTD

What would Grace do?
·        Teachers - hire, develop, support and retain the best
·        Students - know each student by name and meet their need
·        Fiscal Health - Intellectual honesty; tax increase is last resort

Why Vote for Grace?
Accountable - FISD taxpayers deserve nothing less
Diligent - I will not stop until need is met
Ethical - By the rules, no “under the table” activity will be tolerated
Prudent - Extensive expertise in accounting, finance, and computer systems.
Transparent - Intellectual honesty with financial matters.

It is Time for a Trustee who listens and cares for YOUR NEED.


Chuck Norris and Denton County

Chuck Norris to Attend Denton County Republican Party’s Lincoln-Reagan Event

Chuck Norris, internationally known television and film star, along with his wife, Gena, will be special guests at the Denton County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the D/FW Hyatt Regency Hotel. Mr. Norris is slated to speak during the gala banquet.

Chuck Norris is an international television and film star and has starred in 23 motion pictures such as Delta Force, Code of Silence and Missing in Action, just to name a few. His television series Walker, Texas Ranger, ran for 8 and a half years. With 203 episodes, it was the most successful Saturday night series on CBS since Gunsmoke.

Chuck along with his wife Gena have just opened CForce Bottling Company, launchingCFORCE by Chuck Norris, a premium  natural artesian water. A portion of the proceeds will benefit their KickStart Kids Foundation. The water is currently available in Brookshire Brothers and Amazon and rolling out to other stores in Texas this spring.

In 1992 Chuck created his KICKSTART KIDS Foundation. His wife, Gena, is also a leading force in this endeavor as the Foundation’s Co-Chairman. With the purpose of building strong moral character in our youth through martial arts training, the Foundation has become the most important mission of Chuck and Gena’s lives, following the development and well-being of their family. KickStart Kids is now in 56 public schools in Texas.  They currently have more than 9,000 kids enrolled in their program and have graduated more than 90,000 kids over the past 25 years.  Learn more at

Norris first made his mark as a renowned teacher of martial arts and was a six-time undefeated World Professional Middle Weight Karate Champion. He is the first man from the Western Hemisphere in the over 4,500 year tradition of Tae Kwon Do to be awarded an eight degree Black Belt Grand Master ranking. By the 1970’s he had revolutionized Martial Arts in the U.S. and created his own system called Chun Kuk Do meaning, “The Universal Way.” and is the Founder and Chairman of the United Fighting Arts Federation.

Chuck Norris is also a New York Times bestselling author of three books. They include Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America, and the 2004 autobiographical Against All Odds. Norris has also penned two works of fiction, The Justice Riders and A Threat to Justice. In 2006, he added columnist to his list of credits with the launch of his popular internet column on the independent news site His weekly column is now widely syndicated and carried by Human Events and Townhall, among other outlets.

Dinner table sponsorships and individual tickets are available now by phoning 940-383-4446 or by registering online at   Individuals or businesses wishing to donate to the live or silent auctions should contact Republican Headquarters at the same phone number.
- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.


Unexpected Danger! 2017 Drivers Traffic Stop Protocol

Common Sense and Courtesy
By J.B. Blocker
  With all the furor generated on the social media concerning the shooting of a man during a traffic stop, it occurred to me that many don’t seem to know how to behave if they are stopped! 
  To me it seemed that logic and courtesy were all that was necessary in order to make the stop as safe and painless as it could be considering the circumstances!
  I began my research by calling the ‘Best of the Best’ to help me get this right. These friends have served for years in several branches of Texas law enforcement. They include Sheriff Harold Eavenson the VP of the National Sheriffs Association, Carrollton Chief of Police Rex Redden, Director of the Texas Border Sheriffs Association Don Reay, Senate Candidate and past Top Texas Game Warden Peter Flores, Kirk Launius the GOP candidate for Dallas County Sheriff, Howe Chief of Police and License To Carry instructor Carl Hudman, and former Texas Highway Patrol/Texas Ranger Lee Young and Sheriff David Byrne to help sort out what rules have been approved and practiced by their various departments.
  Of course I might add that when Game Wardens and Texas Rangers make a stop, it is rarely for a traffic or vehicle violation.
  I did a lot of listening as they guided me through not only the regulations but also the reasoning behind the suggested actions for the officer and the driver. With their help I have compiled a 2017 Drivers Traffic Stop Protocol that should be an aid to the well being of the driver and officer alike.
Ranger Lee Young simply added common sense = less problems. Peter Flores and Don Reay each said in their own West Texas styles, It really boils down to common sense and courtesy. To which I respond, “Common sense seems to be a missing ingredient to a lot of people. Especially when they are being pulled over!”

  Since I took my license exam in the 70’s, I wasn’t really sure what the rules are on a Texas Driver’s License Exam. So let’s start there! 


Recruiting a Winning Team

The Andrew Principle
Campaigning 101
jb blocker

John 1: 40  One of the two who heard John speak and followed Him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. 41 He found first his own brother Simon and said to him, "We have found the Messiah” (which translated means Christ). 42 He brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, "You are Simon the son of John; you shall be called Cephas" (which is translated Peter)
  You don’t hear much about Andrew the apostle. We know he was one of the first to be chosen by Jesus along with James and John. Later in the Bible, he is the one who brings the boy to Jesus with the fish and loaves that feeds thousands. He is also at the resurrection. But Andrew is also mentioned for one other thing that has resonated throughout the ages. He took his brother Simon to meet Jesus! Simon became Peter!
  That is some really good recruiting! That is like finding Babe Ruth and introducing him to baseball. If the Babe is Peter, then Lou Gehrig might be considered to be an Andrew.

I call it ‘The Andrew Principle’.
  In campaigning for a civic office, you really need a few Peters. He or She are the one who thousands listen to. They have a network, respect, and usually access to donors.
  But Peters are hard to get to.  They are very protective of their resources and are exceptionally aware of how their good name can be used or misused.  You often have to go through others they trust just to get to them.
  Every Peter has their Andrews. They can’t be that successful without dependable trusted people in their lives. Whether those are family or friends, they are the people who can unlock the doors that lead to the Peters.

Looking for Andrew

Signs, Signs, let your Signs Shine!

What Is Your Sign?

There are real people behind those signs! Do you get to know them before you vote?  How do you do it?
  In today's electronic era, it is not that hard to study up on candidates and find out when they will be locally available for public viewing.
  Many get started Surfing for Candidates very early in the campaign cycles. They want to be part of the system. They want to project their voice. They want to find someone who hears them.
  You can google, yahoo, bing, linked-in, facebook, twitter, etc.etc. 
  It is an honor, a pleasure, and a challenge for me to help you know that person behind the sign. 
  Your responsibility as a concerned citizen is to take the time to know the candidates and then speak up for the ones you believe can be a dedicated voice you trust.
McKinney District 3
They come in all sizes. They are on hats and shirts and pins. On the highways and byways
, private property, personal property,and automobiles.
  Some say that they are distracting, or that they are a nuisance, or even a driving hazard. Are they necessary? I say YES!

   And if you don't eventually have any signs in your yard, on your vehicles, or even worn on your shirts, hats, or luggage then I say 'You haven't become passionate about your leadership! And let me add, you have no right to complain!'
Do those signs influence you?
  Do you remember all the names of candidates you see covering every available green space? Do you research these names on-line and then take the time to meet and hear them? 
  What effect do those signs have on you? Do they annoy, entertain, inform? You can leave a comment. 

Frisco's next Mayor?



Eclectivity: the tapestry of ethnicity, education, exposure, cultures, skin pigments, creativity, dreamers, and wanderers who have become woven in to the fabric of a new perception.
"When all are welcomed to blend their contributions to their chosen home…you have Eclectivity!
You Have Frisco, Texas!" j.b. blocker

Candidate, Frisco City Council Place 1

  Hui (pronounced Way) was raised in Central China, the son of two educators being paid about $25 a week. As a prodigy, he attended the highest rated school systems in his country where he ranked at the top of his class. 
  It was in middle school where he became acquainted with his future wife Liz who went on to become a Doctor of Internal Medicine.
  As it is for most of the highly competitive academic titans of Chinese students, it was a dream to one day be accepted to other world class institutes of higher education. 
  Because of a proposed hypothesis for measuring the pressure of light, he was accepted to Yale University. Way arrived to the campus with $300 and a willingness to also hold a job while striving to be the best of the best in academics.
  Liz still proudly displays some of the thousands of notes, cards, and letters they exchanged. Stan proved to be devoted to communicating with Liz across the time zones long before cell phones, text messages, and e-mails were more than ideas. Over the years of separation Liz completed her internship as a medical doctor. The love birds wrote each other as often as every other day. 
  It is a love and devotion that is still on display every time one of them speaks about the other. 

Amusing God

I think
it amuses God to amaze us.
The more we know about this world,
the more we experience it,
the more we will be Amazed,
and the more God will be Amused.

With this reality
I am compelled
to Taste, Smell, Feel, See, and Experience
New Things.
To see them with open eyes.
To experience them with moderation!
In order to amuse God.


- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962


New Years Babies

The possibly true story of Juan Valdez

Romancing the Bean 
A Series Of Short Stories

By J. B. Blocker

the Caffeine Cowboy
  In a little over 1000 years, coffee has been elevated to the second most traded commodity after oil and the most prepared beverage in the world. 
  From Kaldi the goat herder who is credited to have discovered coffees kick, to the French Lieutenant who brought it to the New World, stories abound.
   I’ve got a long list of these stories if you’re interested. Most of them are true! At least parts of them are!
   The story I am about to share may or may not be true. No matter, it is close to my heart and carries a modern day lesson somewhere inside.

   Our story begins on a New Year’s Eve. In a small community hospital in South Texas, two young couples await their firstborns. All the while the hospital staff anxiously anticipate the race for the first birth of the New Year. Two expectant fathers pace into the midnight hour. As the town clocks strokes of midnight end and the New Year begins, simultaneous declarations of triumph announce two births!
   It is a tie! For the hospital and even the state of Texas, the firstborn pair of the new year are named Juan and Josephine.