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Recruiting a Winning Team

The Andrew Principle
Campaigning 101
jb blocker

John 1: 40  One of the two who heard John speak and followed Him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. 41 He found first his own brother Simon and said to him, "We have found the Messiah” (which translated means Christ). 42 He brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, "You are Simon the son of John; you shall be called Cephas" (which is translated Peter)
  You don’t hear much about Andrew the apostle. We know he was one of the first to be chosen by Jesus along with James and John. Later in the Bible, he is the one who brings the boy to Jesus with the fish and loaves that feeds thousands. He is also at the resurrection. But Andrew is also mentioned for one other thing that has resonated throughout the ages.
  You see, Andrew met Jesus and went to his brother Simon to tell him he had found the Savior! Simon's named was changed to Peter. "Upon this rock I will build my church."
  That is some really good recruiting! That is like finding Babe Ruth and introducing him to baseball. 

I call it ‘The Andrew Principle’.
  In campaigning for a civic office, you really need a few Peters. He or She are the one who thousands listen to. They have a network, respect, and usually access to donors.
  But Peters are hard to get to.  They are very protective of their resources and are exceptionally aware of how their good name can be used or misused.  You often have to go through others they trust just to get to them.
  Every Peter has their Andrews. They can’t be that successful without dependable trusted people in their lives. Whether those are family or friends, they are the people who can unlock the doors that lead to the Peters.

Looking for Andrew


Simply refreshing Gazpacho

By J.B. Blocker
   When my eat healthy gene kicks in I have a tendency to go on auto-pilot when I grocery shop around the fresh produce section.  
  That is when the spirit of my recently passed chef mentor, the great French Master Chef Jean La Font speaks to me.
  “Gazpacho”, he whispers! 
It has become one of my go to dishes. My really healthy comfort food. It gets even better on day two and three but it rarely last that long. I don't even use a bowl. I fill a mug and add some chilled shrimp if I have it ready.

Learning American

‘The Big Book’  (1893-1993) R.I.P.
Recognizing one of this country’s greatest teachers.   By JB Blocker

The Millennials don’t know about this. Much of the GenX Generation don’t either. As an immigrant from the ‘60’s, the Sears and Roebuck catalogue was one of my best friends. It taught me America!

  The first true Sears catalogue was produced and distributed in 1893. Many others were to follow. It became an iconic life line of what people wanted and needed across America. It you had a mailing address, you could own anything in those pages.
  Clothing, toys, guns, farm tools, kitchen, living room, garage items, even houses and cars stirred the imagination of families from the city streets to farms, fields, and newly discovered parts of this growing country.
  I remember in the early ‘70s listening to some old cowboys at the local pool hall in my panhandle farming community. They got in to a discussion about the new Christmas catalogue at the Montgomery Ward’s one day. 
  The talk started over the price of things. But the discussion moved to how they had been making their wish list from those catalogues most of their lives. Those pictures of what the world looked like outside of their world gave them reasons to save their money.
  Studying catalogues allowed America to become aware of the choices they never had before and how much money they would need to save.
  A few of those senior citizens also talked about the catalogues as a teaching tool. You could learn how to read while you were learning the value of all those items available from the pages of pictures, descriptions, and prices.
My Crash Course


The Real Andy of Mayberry, Sheriff Booger Pruitt

  I started this 1200 mile plus road trip from Dallas to Amarillo and on to Dalhart in the far northwest corner of Texas. The return trip takes me back down west Texas before cutting east to DFW. I will pass through 37 of the 254 counties along the way and I try to fill my memory banks with identifiers for each of these counties.  
  On the way back from Dalhart and back to Dumas on the way to Amarillo I am seeing my home in a whole new way. I am thinking of bank robbers, cattle rustlers, and the evolution of the sheriffs of Texas all the way to it's modern day technology.
  I have sheriff friends all along the way, but I can't visit them all, I have to be in Garden City by morning for a very important interview.


What I learned

on the Campaign Trail
by Brent Bowen
I am always surprised that more people do not know who the DA is and what he does.  Because the long running TV series “Law and Order” is still popular, I just assumed that people know what the DA does. I am also surprised that more people don’t know who the three term Denton County incumbent is. However, I should not be too surprised because he rarely makes statements and is never in a courtroom.

I have learned that the conservative movement is very strong. It is not enough to be a Republican, you must be a conservative Republican. I noticed on my opponent's signs, some say Conservative Republican, some only say Republican.
So, what makes someone a Conservative?

First. I think it is prolife. I was asked at a recent forum if I was 100% prolife. I quickly told the women “no” because I was in favor of the death penalty. Her face turned from a surprised look since I told her that I was the conservative candidate in the race, to understanding as I explained why I was not 100% prolife. Unfortunately, I do not know what percent that makes me as I believe in the death penalty.

I have also been surprised that some citizens believe that it is just standard operating procedure to be sued. As an attorney, I can tell you that it is highly uncomfortable to be sued or even be threatened with the idea of a lawsuit.
I understand that we tend to be a litigious society, but I did not think people would be content with the idea of employees’ suing their boss. In my opinion a lawsuit by an employee is the ultimate display of mismanagement and a lack of leadership. Many hundreds of thousands have and will be spent by the county due to lawsuits by D.A. staffers.

Lastly, I have learned that we do not debate, we have forums. What is the difference? Well the one who has the last word usually wins because the other cannot further defend. The forum is also a good use of sound bites even if they are false.

I have been told that I don’t have the experience to be DA, yet I have practiced criminal law for 17 years. I have handled a diverse caseload and I have handled every type of case the DA’s office handles. I doubt many in the current DA’s office have the overall experience I have had.

I believe the incumbent has not displayed management skills and has never managed an office prior to becoming the DA. Yet he attacks me for having run a successful law practice, dealing with HR and insurance, along with the hiring and firing of employees.

As DA I will take a team approach. I have always been involved in athletics, from high school sports, to playing college football, from playing intramurals, to coaching my kid’s sports. Part of teamwork and Leadership is recognizing your own faults and weaknesses and surrounding yourself with people who compliment you.

I always think that as a leader you must encourage and inspire your staff. I was once criticized for saying if I were elected I would be a cheerleader for the office and encourage them to do their best. Recently I heard County Judge Candidate Andy Eads make the very same statement. In taking a team approach, I do not intend to purge the office. I believe many if not all the current DA’s just need to make sure they are in the right place to make the office strong and efficient.

A new Head coach rarely fires his quarterback and his offensive line and skill players. He or she must make sure he has the right people, with the right skill, and attitude in the right places.  I am a team player! We play to each other’s strengths.

I am Brent Bowen your candidate for Denton County District Attorney
1. I believe first in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 



Retired Navy Commander seeks Justice Seat
Gen. Petraeus and Cmd. Cockerell
  In September 2017 I began my campaign for Justice on Place 12 of the 5th District Court of Appeals. It was a great decision for me because it follows over 36 years of trial and appellate law Texas, the most of any of the candidates in my race.

  When I was licensed to practice law in 1981 and I stood to take the oath to become a licensed attorney in the State of Texas, it was one of the greatest days in my life.  I did not always know what lawyers do but I knew I would become one.
Attorney, Veteran, Historian
My experience is broad-based in state and federal courts in civil trial law with a diverse practice. I am Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
  I serve on the Council of the State Bar Appellate Section, the only candidate in the race to be elected on the council.  Only 15 appellate attorneys are elected statewide on this counsel. 
  I am co-chair of the Judicial and Section committee that serves to transcribe the oral histories of the former appellate justices on the court of appeals.  I have conducted interviews and handwritten and transcribed some of these histories that are available on the internet. 
  In addition, as a public service I write a monthly Judicial Profile on the local judges and justices in Tarrant County, a county that is not in the geographical boundaries of the Fifth District.  I spend several hours a month interviewing and preparing these articles for publication.  From studying these interviews for many years on what makes a good justice or judge I have a keen insight on how the Texas judiciary works.
In 1986 I enlisted in the United States Navy as a Petty Officer Third Class and was trained in the Navy Intelligence Program. In 1987 I was granted a direct commission and thereafter served faithfully once a month and for two and sometimes three weeks a year on active duty for the next twenty-eight years until I retired in 2014.
  During my service I was recalled to active duty three times.
  In 1990 I was recalled during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where I briefed Navy ships leaving the United States and headed to the Persian Gulf.  One of those briefs was to the U.S.S. Missouri (BB-63) in November 1990.  I remember the ship being stationed at Pearl Harbor while many came to see the ship on her last tour.
USS Missouri 1990
   I remember boarding the ship is a young lieutenant to give an intelligence briefing to the Captain, Executive Officer, and its officer crew in the officer’s wardroom.
  Only ninety days earlier I was practicing law in my office. I had no idea I would be on a Navy ship briefing the crew at Pearl Harbor.
  From 2001 to 2003 I was recalled to active duty to the United States Southern Command in Miami, Florida and later to NAS Fort Worth JRB where I served for 21 months on active duty.  I was sent abroad to Curacao to brief the Dutch Military and once sent to brief at the National Security Agency.
  In 2007 I was recalled to active duty and sent to Iraq where I served during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was stationed at various locations including Sadr City and in the Saddam Presidential Palace.    
Leaving Iraq
Bronze Star Recipient
Following my tour in Iraq I was honored with the Bronze Star. In 2014 I retired as a Navy Commander.
  I currently serve clients across the great State of Texas with cases pending in the Texas Supreme Court, the Second and Fifth Courts of Appeals and in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.
  Each year I provide pro bono services to the poor who need a trial and appellate attorney to assist them.
  I have also long-standing Republican credentials having been a precinct chair in Tarrant and Dallas counties.
  I proudly served as the legal counsel to the Tarrant County Republican Party and was a senatorial delegate to the Republican State Convention.

It is with this broad background of experience and the love for the law in Texas that ask for your vote on March 6.
'A Private War' by Cmd. Perry Cockerell

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962. Political ad paid for by the Perry Cockerell campaign. In compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.


Dan Wyde for President

  That is, Port Arthur, Texas native and former Thomas Jefferson High School student body President Dan Wyde.
  The hometown of Jimmy Johnson (Dallas Cowboys), Tom Hicks (Texas Rangers, Mavericks, and Mesquite Rodeo Arena), Janis Joplin, and many other notable success stories is also the place where Dan Wyde developed his exceptional skills.
  What are those skills? It is said that Day Wyde never met a stranger. He talks to everyone and speaks the language of downhome Texan. You might call him an old school gentleman.
  It is no wonder that he became the Student Body President of Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur. 
  Port Arthur has now consolidated the high schools into one Sr. High School much like Allen, Texas. It has maintained it’s demographic balance and population since it reached 50,000 in the 1930’s.
Port Arthur is a balanced mix of Black and White with Asians and Hispanics making up the other 1/3rd of the 50,000+. The median income is low by most standards and the community is bound by sharing the fatigue of countless hurricanes, floods, and environmental disasters.
This is where Dan Wyde excelled! 
  As he is today, he was the uniting force of race and socio-economics. He respected everyone, and the love was returned.
  Port Arthur is where Dan Wyde honed his spirit of fairness and social justice. It is where his conservative values took root to make him a respected Constitutionally driven defense attorney, prosecutor, and Judge. His practice calls on his expertise and experience in civil and criminal law.
  Meet Dan and you will see why you would want him on your defense team for his ability to communicate and relate to the jury and the bench. He is often called upon by other attorney’s not only for his razor-sharp mind and knowledge of the law, but also for his easy going Southern charm and honest delivery of the case.
  It will be a year before the elected take their place on the 5th. During that time, many of you will find yourself or someone close to you in need of solid representation and you will either call on Dan Wyde or possibly wish you had.
  Can you say that about the other candidates? Listen to him speak!

The 5th District Court of Appeals in Texas is a leader in the numbers of diversified cases it is handed. It is not a place to learn all three aspects of practicing law. It is made up of scholars who come with an unbiased view and the experience to see all sides of the cases presented to them

The Most Experienced & Most Qualified Candidate
     The Honorable Dan L. Wyde is a former Dallas County Criminal Court Judge. During his 8+ years on the bench, Judge Wyde presided over 500 jury trials and 500 non-jury trials and disposed of approximately 25,000 cases.  
     Year in year out, Judge Wyde's court was always one of the most efficient criminal courts. Employing common sense and business practices to collect the Court's fines and costs, while incurring the lowest expenses compared to all 11 similar courts.
   As the only candidate with judicial experience for this bench, former Judge Wyde is the most experienced and best candidate to serve as Justice on the 5th Court of Appeals, Place 11.
    Prior to becoming a judge, Dan served as an Assistant Criminal District Attorney for Dallas County.  He was lead counsel in 75 jury trials and 75 non-jury trials.  Dan specialized in prosecuting Drug Crimes, Child Abusers and White Collar criminals.  He has been Board Certified in Criminal Trial law since 2000.  He was lead counsel in the largest heroin case ever filed in Dallas' State Courts and the third DNA case in the Dallas criminal courts.  He prosecuted embezzlers of such notable companies as Brinker International, Bright & Co., and Club Corp.     
     In 2006, Dan entered private practice establishing Wyde & Associates.
Fighting Election Fraud & Corruption in Private Practice
Phil Graham, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Dan, and the President
Dan was the lead counsel in: Sepulveda vs. Medrano, the largest Dallas Co. voter fraud case ever tried; Price vs. Woodward, mail-in ballot fraud in Tarrant County; Burnett vs. Upham, Candidate for DA denied Ballot Access; In RE: Dallas Constable Mike Dupree, Removal from Office Due to Official Malfeasance.                                                  
A Proven Constitutional Conservative Republican for 25+ Years
Yes, that's Rick Perry and Chuck Norris
Dan has voted in every Republican primary election since 1992.
Dan attended the Texas Republican Party's State Conventions in 2016, 2004, 2002, 2000 and 1998.
Dan has attended Lincoln & Regan Day Dinners in 2016 and 2006 through 1997.
Dan is a member of numerous Republican Clubs.
      Your vote on March 6, 2018 will ensure the most capable candidate represents the nearly 4 million residents across the 6 counties (Collin, Rockwall, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, Dallas) that compose the 5th District Court of Appeals.

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962. Political Ad paid for by Dan Wyde campaign, Mika Mitchell Treasurer. In compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial campaign Fairness Act.


Signs, Signs, let your Signs Shine!

What Is Your Sign?

There are real people behind those signs! Do you get to know them before you vote?  How do you do it?
  In today's electronic era, it is not that hard to study up on candidates and find out when they will be locally available for public viewing.
  Many get started Surfing for Candidates very early in the campaign cycles. They want to be part of the system. They want to project their voice. They want to find someone who hears them.

  You can google, yahoo, bing, linked-in, facebook, twitter, etc.etc. 
It is an honor, a pleasure, and a challenge for me to help you know that person behind the sign. 
  Your responsibility as a concerned citizen is to take the time to know the candidates and then speak up for the ones you believe can be a dedicated voice you trust.

They come in all sizes. They are on hats and shirts and pins. On the highways and byways, private property, personal property, and automobiles.
  Some say that they are distracting, or that they are a nuisance, or even a driving hazard. Are they necessary? I say YES!

  And if you don't eventually have any  signs in your yard, on your vehicles, or even worn on your shirts, hats, or luggage then I say 'You haven't become passionate about your leadership! And let me add, you have no right to complain!'
Do those signs influence you?
Do you remember all the names of candidates you see covering every available green space? Do you research these names on-line and then take the time to meet and hear them? 
  What effect do those signs have on you? Do they annoy, entertain, inform? You can leave a comment.