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Chef Werner Vogeli Apprentice Dinner 2018

 My 1st of many prominent Dallas accounts as the Caffeine Cowboy was the City Club. Chef Werner became a mentor and a friend.  I would tell people,"My coffee was the closest to heaven in Dallas!"
Chef shared a personal memory of coffee of his post war youth with me.  jb

  "I began my apprenticeship at Gruner Heinrich (named after the book written by Gotfried Kellar). It is located on the Belview Platz in Zurich. 
  This is a major circle much like the Arc de Triomphe area of Paris. The first thing one sees is the racks of every available publication. Patrons came daily and would checkout their choice of news or cultural information much like in a library."
  It was an alcohol-free restaurant serving excellent cuisine. Pastries and desserts were very popular there and coffee was definitely the common denominator. The afternoons were wonderful times when it was very popular among the ladies to meet for light pastries and coffee talk. 
  Coffee was served by the portion.  A silver service providing two portions of coffee were served with one demitasse (a three ounce cup). One could not request a refill but rather ordered another portion. The cost was twice that of the finest beers, but that was not a hindrance, one expected to pay for such a fine indulgence.
  At home, we were told as children that coffee would stunt our growth. I am amused now to remember this and realize that this was a way to reduce our desire to also share in the coffee.  Burnt sugars, roasted acorns, fruits, and nuts were often used to brew something to serve in our cups.  Coffee was and still is a mysterious treasure to me.
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Chef Werner and son Chris

Chef Werner Vogeli: International Judge EWMCS and dedicated chef instructor at Art Institute of Dallas and El Centro. Legendary Chef of the City Club Dallas atop the Green Dallas Skyline Icon.
Founding father of the Texas Chefs Association, Past President and Chairman. 
His son Chris Vogeli is the Chef/Proprietor of III Forks and was Captain of the Champion Team USA for the Epicurean World Master Chefs Banquet Competition.
His ready acceptance of those entering the business of Food and Hospitality will forever influence the Dallas culture.


Texas Senator Jane Nelson

Senator Jane Nelson to Address
Denton County Republicans January 18th

Contact John Dillard at

State Senator Jane Nelson will be the keynote speaker at the Thursday, January 18, 2018 monthly meeting of the Denton County Republican Party. She is expected to give an overview of the recent Texas legislative session.

The DCRP meeting will be called to order by Chairman John Dillard promptly at 7:00 the Denton County Elections Administration office located at 701 Kimberly Drive, Suite A101, Denton, TX 76208.

Immediately prior to the meeting at 6:00 p.m., there will be a social hour for meeting attendees hosted by Andy Eads, candidate for Denton County Judge.  Both the social hour and the meeting are open to all interested Republicans. 

State Senator Jane Nelson is a businesswoman and former teacher who served two terms on the State Board of Education. She represents District 12, which includes portions of Denton and Tarrant counties. 

The highest-ranking Republican in the Senate, Senator Nelson is chair of the Finance Committee, chair of the Senate Select Committee on Cybersecurity and co-chair of the Transition Legislative Oversight Committee, which monitors the reorganization of Texas' health and human services agencies. She is also a member of the State Affairs Committee, the Senate Select Committee on Texas Ports, the Legislative Budget Board, the Legislative Audit Committee, the Partnership Advisory Commission and the Joint Committee to Study Teacher Retirement System Health Benefit Plans.

Senator Nelson has received a perfect 100-percent voting record in support of small businesses, an A-plus rating from the National Rifle Association and a 100-percent pro-life voting score this session from Texas Right to Life.  She has been recognized with numerous awards for her consistently conservative legislative record over the years, including Champion for Free Enterprise by the Texas Association of Business and Guardian of Small Business from the National Federation of Independent Business.

She and her husband, Mike, live in Flower Mound.  They have five children and eleven grandchildren.

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.


A Voting Disaster

Voting or Not Voting for the Wrong Reasons. jb blocker
So you think your candidate has it locked up because their district is heavily GOP. Or you think your district will carry the DEM for the same reason. Guess again. There are several factors that could completely flip your reality. Here is just one.

Part I: Weather or not…Voter turnout is on the line.
Complacency is growing as quickly as confusion and frustration while candidates all over Texas and the rest of America campaign for seats from the Top on down.
If you are a candidate, this should concern you. If you are a Republican you have a bit of an advantage when the weather acts up. Here is an approach you should consider.

The Postman’s Pledge: Herodotus
  It is said that as many days as there are in the whole journey, so many are the men and horses that stand along the road, each horse and man at the interval of a day’s journey; and these are stayed neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness from accomplishing their appointed course with all speed.

  What I suggest is that you gear your campaign toward pledges to vote no matter what! Not just for you, but for our country. If you are speaking, texting, or social mediaizing express the importance of committing to vote! Vote early if possible! And if they can’t do that, tell them to have their all weather gear ready. This should be your campaign at this point. Taking anything for granted is a mistake.


New Years Babies

The possibly true story of Juan Valdez

Romancing the Bean 
A Series Of Short Stories

By J. B. Blocker
the Caffeine Cowboy

  In a little over 1000 years, coffee has been elevated to the second most traded commodity after oil and is the most prepared beverage in the world. 
  Kaldi the Ethiopian goat herder is said to have discovered coffees kick and introduced it to monks who were able to chant and pray longer. A French Lieutenant stole a kiss and two coffee plants from Napoleon's garden and  brought it to the New World. Stories abound!
   I’ve got a long list of these stories if you’re interested. Most of them are true! At least parts of them are!
   The story I am about to share may or may not be true. No matter, it is close to my heart and carries a modern day lesson somewhere inside.

   Our story begins on a New Year’s Eve. In a small community hospital in South Texas, two young couples await their firstborns. All the while the hospital staff anxiously anticipate the race for the first birth of the New Year. Two expectant fathers pace into the midnight hour. As the town clocks strokes of midnight end and the New Year begins, simultaneous declarations of triumph announce two births!
   It is a tie! For the hospital and even the state of Texas, the firstborn pair of the new year are named Juan and Josephine. 


Recruiting a Winning Team

The Andrew Principle
Campaigning 101
jb blocker

John 1: 40  One of the two who heard John speak and followed Him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. 41 He found first his own brother Simon and said to him, "We have found the Messiah” (which translated means Christ). 42 He brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, "You are Simon the son of John; you shall be called Cephas" (which is translated Peter)
  You don’t hear much about Andrew the apostle. We know he was one of the first to be chosen by Jesus along with James and John. Later in the Bible, he is the one who brings the boy to Jesus with the fish and loaves that feeds thousands. He is also at the resurrection. But Andrew is also mentioned for one other thing that has resonated throughout the ages.
  You see, Andrew met Jesus and went to his brother Simon to tell him he had found the Savior! Simon's named was changed to Peter. "Upon this rock I will build my church."
  That is some really good recruiting! That is like finding Babe Ruth and introducing him to baseball. 

I call it ‘The Andrew Principle’.
  In campaigning for a civic office, you really need a few Peters. He or She are the one who thousands listen to. They have a network, respect, and usually access to donors.
  But Peters are hard to get to.  They are very protective of their resources and are exceptionally aware of how their good name can be used or misused.  You often have to go through others they trust just to get to them.
  Every Peter has their Andrews. They can’t be that successful without dependable trusted people in their lives. Whether those are family or friends, they are the people who can unlock the doors that lead to the Peters.

Looking for Andrew


Unexpected Danger! 2017 Drivers Traffic Stop Protocol

Common Sense and Courtesy
By J.B. Blocker
  With all the furor generated on the social media concerning the shooting of a man during a traffic stop, it occurred to me that many don’t seem to know how to behave if they are stopped! 
  To me it seemed that logic and courtesy were all that was necessary in order to make the stop as safe and painless as it could be considering the circumstances!
  I began my research by calling the ‘Best of the Best’ to help me get this right. These friends have served for years in several branches of Texas law enforcement. They include Sheriff Harold Eavenson the VP of the National Sheriffs Association, Carrollton Chief of Police Rex Redden, Director of the Texas Border Sheriffs Association Don Reay, Senate Candidate and past Top Texas Game Warden Peter Flores, Kirk Launius the GOP candidate for Dallas County Sheriff, Howe Chief of Police and License To Carry instructor Carl Hudman, and former Texas Highway Patrol/Texas Ranger Lee Young and Sheriff David Byrne to help sort out what rules have been approved and practiced by their various departments.
  Of course I might add that when Game Wardens and Texas Rangers make a stop, it is rarely for a traffic or vehicle violation.
  I did a lot of listening as they guided me through not only the regulations but also the reasoning behind the suggested actions for the officer and the driver. With their help I have compiled a 2017 Drivers Traffic Stop Protocol that should be an aid to the well being of the driver and officer alike.
It really boils down to common sense and courtesy. To which I respond, “Common sense seems to be a missing ingredient to a lot of people. Especially when they are being pulled over!”

  Since I took my license exam in the 70’s, I wasn’t really sure what the rules are on a Texas Driver’s License Exam. So let’s start there! 



You Too Can Bring Change
Ezekiel Elliot didn't seek out that Salvation Army bucket. It was right there in front of him and he didn't run around it nor did he try to avoid it. He jumped in feet first. In that one moment, he changed the perception of thousands of people who also jumped in to motivate hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.  

find out how you too can help

By J.B. Blocker
  I used to feel uncomfortable about passing Salvation Amy ‘Bell Ringers’ everywhere I would go during the holidays.     It’s not that I am ambivalent about giving. But I am discerning about who I am giving to and how the money will be used. And one other thing… I feel that giving is not seasonal.
  That all changed when I answered the call and found myself working in the ‘Red Zone’ of Ground Zero on September 24th as a Disaster Recovery Supervisor.
  Now, I look for Bell Ringers. I am grateful to each and every one of them for the time they are taking and the effort they are making for a calling that is bigger than most of us know.
  From the first time I stepped in to the Salvation Army’s Main Supply and Support area located just outside of the Century 21 building and in front of the burnt out remains of Buildings 4 and 5 of the World Trade Center complex I was a believer, fan, and supporter. Before I knew it, some ‘Proud to be Cajun’ was handing a strong cup of coffee and offering me a Po’boy.
  I left New York a few months later with a huge respect for the work of the Salvation Army and an enduring love for the staff and volunteers I have met along the way. Were ever I follow disasters from coast to coast, they are there with giant hearts to go with well-prepared teams.
  One friend I made as soon as I returned to DFW is Pat Patey, a long-time S.A. Executive. We have stayed in contact over these past 15 years. Recently I told him a story I had not shared. I immediately realized it is a story that must be told.
  I was reminded of it during a Bible study about serving humbly. Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus washed the feet of Jesus and wiped theof ry with her hair. You can find that story in Luke 7: 36-50.
  Also in John 13: of  is the story of Jesus washing the Disciples’ feet.
  Both Bible lessons came together for me in the guise of a Salvation Army volunteer within a few short days of my arriving at Ground Zero as a Cat Super. Cat for Catastrophe!

ANGELS come in many forms


A Real John Wayne, Congressman Sam Johnson

   He epitomized rugged masculinity and became an enduring American icon. He is famous for his distinctive voice and walk. He is also known for his conservative political views.
 by J.B. Blocker
   In another time, John Wayne would have been the perfect actor to play Sam Johnson as the Fighter Pilot POW in "Captive Warriors." the Congressman’s autobiography. But Sam's heroics came during Vietnam and the Duke was finishing his career by then.