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Congressman Ralph Hall waste no time in responding to State of the Union!!!

  I got home last night and had already received an e-mail from Ralph Halls press secretary. We communicate often. 
  Within 2 hours of the presidents State of the Union Address, the great man had responded with sound reasoning.     
  This is another reason why I respect Mr. Hall and his staff so much. It is a guide to great leadership in Congress to speak out and stay connected to his district and the nation! jb

WASHINGTON, DC . . . Following the President's State of the Union address, Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) released the following statement:

“Growing the economy and creating jobs are the top priorities of Americans and 4th District constituents. That is why I was disappointed with the President’s speech tonight. His attempt to shift the dialogue from a weak economy that is suffering from his failed policies to income inequality is obvious. The American people deserve to have their priorities directly addressed, and they deserve real solutions to these problems.

“Growth is weak, Americans lack good jobs, and the number of those who are suffering in poverty because of these poor economic conditions has increased by 6.7 million since the President was first elected to office.

“We can help struggling Americans by focusing our energy on promoting a pro-jobs environment so people can get back to work and the economy will begin to grow. We can do this by creating an environment that encourages entrepreneurs to form start-ups and current business owners to grow. These are our job creators and innovators, and they are the backbone of our economy.

“The House has already passed numerous pro-jobs bills that are stalled in the Senate – bills to reform the burdensome tax code, get rid of unnecessary regulations, and help those seeking work through job training programs, just to name a few.  

“One of the best and easiest solutions to encourage job creation and economic growth is through domestic energy. Tonight, the President cited America’s growing success in domestic energy production. While I am pleased with our country’s progress, the Administration has gone out of its way to stifle flourishing energy production. In fact, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service reported all increases in domestic oil production since 2007 have taken place on non-federal lands. Similarly, natural gas production on federal lands fell by 33 percent, while production on state and private lands increased by 40 percent. The real credit to America’s success goes to private energy producers.

“The President should join Republicans in a true ‘all-of-the-above’ domestic energy approach. Domestic energy production would not only help the pocketbooks of hardworking taxpayers, but it would provide more national security, economic growth, and job creation. That is why House Republicans have already passed many energy jobs bills, including legislation to replace federal regulations with state-orientated programs, access land currently blocked by the Administration, provide cost-benefit analysis for taxpayers before new regulations are enacted, and approve the Keystone Pipeline permit. The Keystone Pipeline alone would directly create 20,000 jobs and provide a $7 billion private market boost to the economy.

“Repealing ‘ObamaCare,’ the President’s bad health care law, is one more important step we must take if we are to provide job opportunities and economic growth. Right now America does not have enough jobs, and if we do not repeal this law, soon there will be fewer employers. Many small business owners cite the unknown effects of ‘ObamaCare’ regulations as the cause of layoffs and their reluctance to hire new workers. I have consistently opposed the President’s health care take over since it first passed through the Energy and Commerce Committee, and I will continue to work for its full and permanent repeal. I am also a co-sponsor of H.R. 2300, Empowering Patients First Act,that would replace ‘ObamaCare’ with patient-centered solutions.

“As Chairman Emeritus of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee and a senior member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I will continue to promote real solutions that address the top priorities of my constituents and Americans across the country – efforts to heal and grow our economy and to promote job creation. I want a positive future for our children and grandchildren, and I will fight for greater opportunities to keep the American dream alive for future generations.”


- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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