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Come Hungry
 The League of Extra-Ordinary Reviewers invaded Estilo Gaucho for lunch. I chose meat eaters for this round. Many thanks to Collin County D.A. Greg Willis, Frisco Mayor Maher Maso, and Frisco Chamber President Tony Felker for their company and for these entertaining reviews.
Greg Willis, Maher Maso, and Tony Felker
I have officially named one of the back corner tables,' J.B.'s Table'! As you enter the dining area, it is to the right. I chose it because it provides of great view of the comings and goings of the restaurant and easy access to the 40+ item salad and antipasto bar, while being a little remote from the traffic. For a little extra dining privacy, you can reserve that table prepared for 4 to 7 guest. 
This is where I have entertained many guest. None are more locally popular than this sessions League of Extra-Ordinary Reviewers.     
Call 214-618-6150. If you ask for David or Alex, my new favorite dinning beverage is yours too. The Passion fruit based drink is a great palate teaser for the many taste you are about to experience!

Courtesy and grace are hallmarks of great hospitality. You shouldn't miss the chance to meet co-owners and brothers-in-law David Jeiel and Alex Nunez. They want to meet you too!

The largely Brazilian staff are very proud to be representing their culture their favorite dishes. The service is quietly seamless as fresh plates, refreshed drinks, and the constant flow of sizzling meats reflect the pride and professionalism of the staff!

  Lamb, chicken, pork, and of course lots of beef seem to appear magically at your side as they sizzle their greetings.

The League of Extra-Ordinary Reviewers invaded Estilo Gaucho for lunch. I chose meat eaters for this round. Many thanks to Collin County D.A. Greg Willis, Frisco Mayor Maher Maso, and Frisco Chamber President Tony Felker for their company and for these entertaining reviews.


Tony Felker, Pres. Frisco Chamber of Commerce   

For anyone who knows me, or maybe have heard of me…one of the reasons might be because I apparently have this reputation for LOVING to eat, eating a LOT, and especially loving real food….aka…BEEF!!   So, when JB asked me to join him and some highly respected members from his League of Extra-Ordinary Reviewers…..I jumped of course!
  And I was not disappointed in the least!!   Estilo Gaucho and their incredible owners, David and Alex, did a terrific job of fully satisfying my craving for beef……with over 15 different selections of beef and other meats, I was truly in carnivore heaven!  
  However, with much surprise to all of my friends and acquaintances, I found there was so much more to be enjoyed at Estilo Gaucho.    For any NON-carnivores out there, the Salad Bar is incredible and an incredible meal in and of itself.   I had to remind myself to be sure to hold off on all that I truly love in salad items to save room for the beef….did I really just say that?  
  And then….there was the deserts….and the incredible drinks…and all of this, in a great atmosphere with a serving crew that was never more than five seconds away from bringing you more of whatever you might want!

  These guys know how to do it right!   From the food, to the atmosphere, to the service…..oh yeah, and we had some pretty good company there as well!   LOL…..folks, stop by and enjoy....great stuff!

Maher Maso, Mayor of Frisco, Texas
  Okay, being Mayor of Frisco is absolutely the best job anyone can have anywhere in the world!  Seriously, how cool is it that I have been given the honor of being Mayor of the best place to live!  Having said that, I would have to say being food judge when Estilo Gaucho is on the agenda rates pretty high on the dream jobs list also!
  What is Estilo Gaucho you ask?  Simple, it’s a Brazilian Steakhouse.  That pretty much sums it up if you have ever visited a Brazilian Steakhouse.  However, it bears the elegant signature of David Jeiel and his brother-in-law Alex Nunez.
   Picture non-stop table-top service showing up with mouth-watering choices of meats at your beck and call.  Yes – it is as good as it sounds.  The idea may seem like a “quick” night out, but first and foremost, Estilo Gaucho is an experience that is not to be rushed. 

   If you are out for a quick “hit and run” meal, you will most likely want to save this special experience for another evening. You need to take your time and savior every moment; it is an experience, not a meal. That is not to say you can’t have a normal dinner here, but it is especially satisfying when you give yourself the time to truly enjoy it.
   So, how do I review a salad bar featuring over 40 gourmet items that includes fresh vegetables, cured meats and imported cheeses?  To add to that challenge, once you turn your table marker green, the 15 available choice meats begin to show up at your table in a choreographed parade. It is mind (and eye and nose) boggling.
   It is difficult to rate each food item as things kept moving.  Sobrecoxa (Chicken Thigh), Frango e Filet Mignon, Alcatra, Picanha, Carre’ e Pernil, and the list goes on.  I could not say there was any item where I would not have asked for seconds (if 14 more items were not in line behind it!).  So, as far as reviews go, I’m probably failing at this one.  So, with that, I will end it with my best comments:
1.      Come Hungry:     
2.      Give yourself LOTS of time to enjoy this adventure.  
3.      Pace your self – try small portions of everything
4.      Have some good conversation
5.      Don’t forget dessert
6.      Come Hungry
Until then, continue to enjoy Frisco shopping, dining, and entertainment! The Mayor

Greg Willis, Collin County District Attorney
  Looking for a place to enjoy a delicious and unhurried lunch or dinner?  Look no further than Frisco’s newly opened Brazilian Steakhouse, Estilo Gaucho.
  I arrived licking my chops, ever so ready for some tasty, open-fire roasted rib eye or bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin.  If you were with me as I was escorted to my table, you would have witnessed my surprise at  Estilo Gaucho’s breathtakingly big salad bar. 
   Among the 40+ choices were Caprese Salad, Chicken Stroganoff, Shiitake Mushrooms, Waldorf Salad, Smoked Salmon; you name it, and it was there.  Beckoning even me, a stranger in a green land.
  Jealously guarding space for my beloved meats, I chose only the Caprese Salad.  And boy was it good!  But was this some kind of trick?  Making a meat-lover like me pine for a second helping of salad?  I wondered, when would my true love arrive?  How long could I remain faithful and resist the surprising temptation of those whispering greens?    
Co-owners David and Alex
 Almost too late, I was reminded of the round marker.  Red on one side and green on the other, it held all the power.  I turned it over expectantly, burying the red in the white tablecloth.  The green then shown forth, calling out to the servers:  Bring this man the meat!  And bring meat they did.   

  And there it was, my first sizzling skewer:  the Picanha (prime cut of the top sirloin), eye level as I sat in my comfortable chair.  “Yes,” I said, I would love some (though the look in my eyes made words unnecessary).  “Rare, medium rare, medium, well done?”  The server wished to know.  “Medium,” I said with fake poise, hoping to shroud my eager anticipation.

  It smelled so good and looked so tasty.  He shaved off a portion, which I easily grabbed with my supplied tongs.  Civilized men everywhere rejoiced as I placed the Picanha gently on my plate instead of directly in my mouth.

  They kept coming, those Brazilian servers with their sizzling array. Lamb shank? Yes. Tenderloin? Of course. Ribeye? Flintstone sized ribs? Top Sirloin? Lamb Chops,Are you kidding me? My plate is full of slices of everything and a server is standing beside me with Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon and chicken breast! Both please!

My plate kept filling because I couldn’t say no until someone laughingly reminded me to turn my disk from green to red! Thanks Mayor.

  I just sat down with some great company. We had a long and entertaining dining experience. Everyone could choose from 15 meats served by a constant flow of polite gauchos. By the magic of a vigilant server our drinks were never low and if anyone ate any of the sides of fried plantains, cheese puff bread, mashed potatoes, or the baked parmesan polenta fingers, more was sure to come.

  We were seated in the back corner table, officially dubbed 'JB's Table where we could see all the comings and goings. It seemed like every time a favorite meat was being offered, all of us were tempted again. I guess RED just means Whoa.
  I have left no room for dessert! Apparently that doesn’t matter to my host. When I signed on to this adventure I agreed to give everything a taste. Since the others had given the salad bar due homage, I won’t feel guilt about those other 44 items I didn’t sample.

  But J.B. is being relentless about the desserts. Extra silverware was supplied and so I scooped out some of the Crème Brulee, dove in to the Papaya Cream, and looked down at my own cheese cake. I intended to share the cheese cake but I looked down again and it was nearly gone. Since I hadn’t tried the 7 Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake I was handed one ‘to go’ along with the cheese cake.

  I drove straight to the office and deposited the two desserts in the common room refrigerator.  A staff member soon laid claim to the 7 Layers of sinful chocolate. Her report is that she would go to Estilo Gaucho for the cake alone! Good luck with that.

  Let me congratulate David and Alex for a great dining experience from beginning to end. For a private area away from the traffic for 4 to 6, you can call and reserve J.B.’s Table and see every happening while you enjoy an unhurried business lunch or friendly dinner.

  “I’ll be back!”

Greg Willis

Criminal District Attorney

Collin County Courthouse

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962. Email: or

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