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Justice has been served!

From Sondra Ortega and family to the Collin County District Attorney,

 This is about my family’s 16-month journey to the edge of hell. I won’t go into it, but the case is over now and of public record. It was a terrible experience that could have been so much worse had it not been for the professionalism of the Collin County D.A. staff.

 Our family recently had the experience of having to go through a life altering incident, that will forever leave me changed as a person and a mother.
  I was thrown into a situation that was my living nightmare as a mother, wife, and stepmother.

  I am writing this to address the outstanding service and attention that was received through it all by the Collin County Criminal Court System including District Attorney’s staff and the Court of Judge Barnett Walker

Had it not been for the Collin County District Attorney's office, assistant district attorney Geeta Singletary, and Ashley Keil with their professionalism and exemplary performance in handling my case, my daughter and I could not have made it. (Geeta, you are the best of the best). 
  Your team was first of all, considerate and compassionate. And then, as the evidence was gathered and then presented, the professionalism of all was on full display.

  Mrs. Singletary and Mrs. Keil were assisted by the DA's assistant investigator Kim Eanes. This team of women far exceeded any of my expectations. The waiting for the trial seemed to be lifelong. Not knowing how long the process could take was one the hardest parts. You see the TV reports on long drawn out investigations and trial delays and hope for the best while expecting the worst.

  As the trial was underway it became clear that the professionalism of the prosecution team was evident. Kristina McClain from the Plano Police Department and Jerry Walker from the Jeff Davis County Sheriff’s Department did their job thoroughly and let nothing slip through the cracks. Evidence was thoroughly gathered and presented.  My gratitude goes out to them as well.

  When we approached the court room my daughter and I were introduced to Judge Barnett Walker. Did I mention we were scared to death! One more of the unknown fear factors. How would this court conduct a trial that put an innocent child and her family in such a dark place? How would the judge handle such a proceeding? How hard would it be on our psyche?

  Judge Walker, I will forever remember your bench with respect and gratitude in the manner you handled your court room. You Sir are the example of what our judicial system is built upon. You, your honor have given me confidence in our system and the justice the people look to you for. I am proud of you Sir, not only because I received justice but because of your integrity and honor that is exhibited from your court.
  I read an article written about you as the trial began. It gave me hope that you would be a fair judge. The bio on you was proven to be so true. You far exceeded any conception of what I thought a great judge would be like. In my mind and heart, you are a role model for judges.

Thank you, Judge Walker, for serving our Judicial System with honor and integrity. 

I am proud to call Collin County My Home and all the people in it!

Sondra Ortega

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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