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Poverty Lines in Dallas

It’s a political thing! By JB Blocker

  Some amazing statistics keep popping up that are really disturbing. It is possible that the voting for this year’s national elections will be decided by just a few large population zones. 
  The majority of impoverished voters come from Chicago, Philly, Miami, Tampa, D.C., Boston, New York, L.A., New Orleans, Houston, and yes Dallas just to name a few. 
  These cities have some commonalities that aren’t what I would call complimentary.

Note that these cities are predominantly Democratically led.
Just list the sanctuary cities and you’ll find Poverty and Excessive Crime.

Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States


Hello there. 

  I am Charles Lingerfelt, and I'm running for the U. S. Congress because:

  Over 94 million people in America are without a job and Do NOT have a regular paycheck coming into the household to meet the family's needs.
  More than 7 million women have "dropped out of the work force" and are NOT even looking for employment.
  Nearly 50 million people are on Food stamps and the majority of them are "abusing" the system - because they are NOT promised any hope for the future.
  Over 66 Million people in America live in Poverty!


  I am a Candidate for the U. S. Congress (District 30 - Texas) to change that and bring businesses into the Southern sector of Dallas county - revitalizing the entire area and making it more conducive to a Pro growth atmosphere for business and corporations. 

   There CAN be New jobs and New positions for people who are seeking to excel and "make something Important of themselves!"
   The Status quo in Washington is NOT working on your behalf - and I am seeking to replace a Liberal in the Congress!
   I Need Your Help and I Need Your Vote in 2016. There is a 'Great wind blowing' across America for your Success and YOU Need to "Get on Board!"
   Become involved with Me and Make Yourself Successful, as I will bring New Jobs and businesses to South Dallas.
For things to Change, YOU have got to change! For things to Get better, You have got to get Better!!!

Elect Charles Lingerfelt for Jobs in Dallas county -
'The ONLY Pro Business Candidate for Congressional District 30'
Elect Charles Lingerfelt to the U. S. Congress in 2016
'Because It's All About Direction!'
You Can Trust Charles Lingerfelt!!!…/…


- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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