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jb blocker at the NDT and Lebanon in Frisco

League of Extra Ordinary Reviews
  I am sitting on the bench at the entry to  Bonnie Ruth’s on the sun side waiting for a friend. It’s Sunday morning and the brunch crowd has filled almost every one of the seating areas. ­­I want to sit in the garden so I tell Liz Brown that I will wait out front.

  Do you know Liz? You want to! Liz Bivona Ianace comes from the New York tradition of Vinny’s, and Anthony’s, and Joey’s. Now that’s Italian. Her bakery features a Euro Comfort flair and flavor.
  Her grandparents on both sides owned bakeries and restaurants. She was passing out menus and busing as a teenager. Miss Liz found her calling early in life.
  Liz is a hostess! A natural hostess who uses food as the lure! She is a greeter, a hugger, and she lives for smiling happy guests who come back for great food and courteous service. Her restaurant is considered the “Cheers” of Frisco. Where everybody knows your name.
  Couples, families, groups are coming in and out smiling in both directions. I tip my hat to the ladies and make sunny comments to young and old alike. It dawns on me! Literally and figuratively. The east facing entry is now bright and welcoming.
  This is a place where everyone goes in Frisco! I am witnessing an incredible rainbow of Frisco humanity. And they have come in colors and cultures with grandchildren, friends from churches, and couples dressed up and down.
  It’s not just that there is something for everyone. You can physically feel the warmth that comes with Sunday Brunch.

Breakfast is Served (mon-fri 7am)

  This is new! With the growth along the west side of the North Dallas Tollway, it was time for a place to start the business day at a comfort zone. As of now, buying breakfast pastries for the office is a useful excuse for being late.
  Liz and I share a mutual friend Terri Green. She was having a birthday so we called a few other friends and got our Friday and Terri’s birthday off to a great start. My only complaint was that Terri wouldn’t share a taste of her personal sized Italian Creame Cake with me. "You can get your own!" was exactly what she said to me.
Terri, Lana, and Liz
  “What a nice way to start the day  sharing breakfast with new and old friends  who are celebrating Terri Green's birthday!  
  I enjoyed meeting Mike and Sandy Simpson who sat across the table from me.   It was also a pleasure to meet Liz Brown who made a special Italian Creme cake for Terri to take home.  I was fortunate that Terri shared a piece with me.  It was a delightful morning!”
 All the best,

Mike and Sandy
 "We have been going to Bonnie Ruth's ever since it was opened.  I feel it is like an upscale "Cheers" as it had become a gathering place for the nearby communities for lunch, dinner, birthday celebrations, fundraising events and anything that brings a community together.

 We like the fact that there is entertainment on many nights with great local musicians and that you always feel welcome and comfortable, whether dining inside or out on the patio.

 My favorite dish in the evening is the muscles in white wine sauce. I also really like their Ahi Tuna.

 Now that Liz is offering breakfast, we will frequent it often for business meetings as well.  I had the Eggs Benedict the morning we met and it was outstanding."

Michael Simpson
CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County and past Frisco Mayor

  "It is always a fun time at Bonnie Ruth's whether celebrating a birthday, shower or just stopping in for a drink on the patio.  Everyone is always so friendly and you always see someone you know. 
  It is The Neighborhood Place!!  Liz Brown comes up with fantastic fun parties, great entertainment, menu’s, and drink specials.  Her Red Velvet cake is absolutely the best."

Sandy Simpson

Jenny, Terri, and Lana
"Having breakfast at Bonnie Ruth’s is like taking a short European trip! Liz Brown, the popular owner, took the best of what she has experienced in her travels and mixed it with her family restaurant experiences. It is perfect for starting the morning with business or with friends.
  The food experience was started with a robust coffee, fresh squeezed juice, and a basket of tasty pastries.  The selections were choices of "authentic" continental breakfast and pastries to a full hearty breakfast of Eggs Benedict and the Cowboys Steak and Eggs Special.  
 My omelet provincial was perfect with mushrooms, spinach and cheese. And the potatoes on the side...what a mix of spice and crunch!
  The service is always exceptional. And the ability to network in small areas with my breakfast group is a great attribute. Another attraction is the outstanding patio that would be hard to find in the Dallas area much less Frisco. Come join JB Blocker and me anytime for Breakfast at Bonnie Ruth's!

Jenny Dowdy Realtor 

Bonnie Ruth's Breakfast-TIME TO WAKE UP!
Terri Green
   Being an Attorney who is always looking for somewhere to meet for “breakfast and coffee”, I am constantly scouring venues for just the right place instead of a noisey chain to entertain clients.  So, when I was invited to participate in the “tasting” of Bonnie Ruth's new breakfast menu along with Former Frisco Mayor Mike and Sandy Simpson, Court of Appeals Justice Lana Myers, Constable Joe Wright and fellow Rotarian and Realtor, Jenny Dowdy, I jumped at the chance!   
  If you know me, you know that Bonnie Ruth's, is my go to place for any type of a event!  Owner, Liz Brown and  her outstanding staff are on my short list of my ALL time favorite eateries for lunch or dinner (or for any occasion really) where everyone claims the place as their local “Cheers” hangout. It features an open floorplan, deep rich wood surroundings, happy staff, and delicious entrees!  
  I was happy to learn Liz had expanded Bonnie Ruth's hours to serve breakfast for those who want to wake up to a tasty morning delight!  Remember the saying “The best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup”?  Well, now you can change that to “The best part of waking up is Bonnie Ruth’s in your cup! 
   First up, hand squeezed orange juice, with just the right amount of pulp!  Well, that sure makes you feel as though you are in an upscale restaurant.  Next, not only does Bonnie Ruth's boast about its award  winning bakery,  they lived up to their promise by delivering to our table a basket full of goodies, including homemade blueberry muffins popped right out of the oven……..bring on the butter!
   Although the coffee and mini muffins extraordinaire would have been enough, I opted to try a delicacy listed on their new breakfast menu.  Wow, what an assortment of choices!!  A  hearty breakfast of steak and eggs, eggs Benedict, or omelets just to name a few! Plus, add to any breakfast a side order of crispy bacon or tasty sausage and their breakfast is an eye opener for sure! 
  Now,  for those of us who TRY  to eat healthy (or just want to indulge in something different), I choose the egg white omelet with vegetables. Finely chopped onions and tomatoes, along with fresh leafy spinach sauteed in extra-virgin oil, with just a dash of pepper and salt.  These ingredients were gently folded onto 3 egg whites which the Chef had whisked to perfection, cooked and made ready for its flavorful ingredients to be added.   
   The good thing is that Liz wants you to enjoy the omelet any way you want, so I added fresh mushrooms!   Oh my,  to see that plump omelet in front of me,  with the delicacies oozing out of each end, made my mouth water! I would dare say, it would  make even a lumberjack sit up and take notice!  Of course, the owner wants to make sure you don’t go away hungry, so they pile on fresh bite size cubes of watermelons, cantaloupe, strawberries and berries!  But what…there is more??   
  Yes, the platter is not complete until the expertly roasted potato wedges, golden brown and crisp, tossed with just the right amount of parsley were added!!  OH MY…… Delicious!!  Once I finished this “truck drivers” meal, I was ready to go back to bed so I could get up and come back again!   
   So, the next morning when you wake up and are heading to work, or after working out or just meeting friends for breakfast, stop by Bonnie Ruth's.  Liz and her staff will greet you with an early morning smile, freshly brewed coffee and a breakfast like none other!  Oh and as you leave out the front door, be sure and stop  by the dessert display and take home an Italian Crème cupcake…..but don’t take them all----I will be by later for mine!  I better go………breakfast is calling me!  
Joe Wright and the Cowboy Steak and More.

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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