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Terri Green receives more Powerhouse Endorsements

Terri Green for Judge Supporter

Conservative State House Member Endorses
Terri Green for Judge

Today State Representative Jodie Laubenberg (R-Parker) Dist. 89, joined the chorus of other Collin County elected officials in announcing her endorsement of Terri Green for 380th District Judge in this month’s Republican runoff election.  Laubenberg said she decided to make a public endorsement because of Green’s extensive experience in family and civil law.

"One of our District Judge's greatest responsibilities is to provide justice and protection for abused children and victims of family violence,” said Laubenberg. “We need a conservative Judge with experience to keep Collin County safe and to uphold our Constitution with integrity. Terri Green will bring integrity and a solid conservative philosophy to the 380th District Court.”

There are currently 2,082 cases pending in the 380th District Court.  Family and Civil matters account for 72% of that caseload.  Green said her experience in these areas of the law will be an asset that will allow her to hit the ground running with no on-the-job-training required.

Green said, “Over my 23 years as an attorney, I have tried the complex cases involving family law, civil trial matters, probate litigation and many others in both State and Federal Court to juries.  There is no shortcut to this kind of experience.  It can only be gained by years of dedication to the law and to the people of Collin County.”

Green adds Laubenberg’s name to a growing list of elected officials endorsing her candidacy, including State Senator Florence Shapiro, State Representative Jerry Madden, Mayor Maher Maso of Frisco, Mayor Steve Terrell of Allen, Mayor Joe Cordina of Parker, Mayor Ray Smith of Prosper, Mayor Johnny Hamm of New Hope, Mayor Jim Lewis of Celina, former County Judges Bill Roberts and Ron Harris, and Republican National Committeewoman Deborah “Borah” Van Dormolen, among others.



FRISCO, TX – Today Deborah “Borah” Van Dormolen, one of the leading voices in the grassroots conservative movement, announced her endorsement of Terri Green for 380th District Court Judge, a district which covers all of Collin County.  Van Dormolen is one of only two representatives from Texas on the Republican National Committee, and she is a Past President of Texas Federation of Republican Women.

“We are at a pivotal point in our country when experienced, conservative leadership has never been more important, especially in the judiciary,” said Van Dormolen. “The 380th District Court hears approximately 55% family law cases, 35% civil cases and 10% criminal cases.  It is critical that we elect a new judge with a conservative judicial philosophy and the extensive experience in these areas that is required to uphold the integrity of our laws and to protect children and other vulnerable members of the community.  Terri Green, whom I have known for many years for her hard work and dedication to the Republican Party and grassroots movement,  is that candidate, and I offer her my full support and endorsement.”

After serving in the United States Army for 23 years and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, Van Dormolen turned her attention to the Republican Party. Serving around the world and witnessing areas of strife deepened her commitment to the principles of devotion to country, family and faith.

Terri Green said she is humbled by the endorsement, but feels as though it’s a validation of her work as an attorney, in the Collin County community and within the Republican Party.

“I consider Borah a real American hero,” said Green. “It’s an honor to have her in my corner, because she understands better than most how important it is, now more than ever, that we have experienced conservatives on the bench. I have over three decades of legal experience. I have tried complex cases involving family law, civil trial matters, probate litigation and many others in both State and Federal Court to juries. In addition, I am the only candidate with prior judicial experience, who has held leadership positions in the Republican Party and licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court  in Washington, D.C.”

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