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2013 Summer Horse Camp is Here!

Spring break

Camp Weeks Available June 10-August 24
  •  Daily Riding Lessons & Trail Rides
  •  Horse Safety and Equine Education
  •  Water Activities and Adventures
  •  Friday Rodeo for Campers
  •  Indoor Camp Room
  •  $350/week,Monday-Friday, 9a-4p
  •  $80/day for drop-in's available
  •  Early drop-off and late pick-up options
REGISTER NOW at 972-369-0874 or email us at

My First Week at Summer Horse Camp
Libby Cooper

    My name is Libby Cooper, and I am twelve years old. I have lived in Plano my whole life. I go to Frankford Middle School and am going into 7th grade next year at the same school. 

  In my entire life, I had never been on a real horse. As long as I can remember, I always wanted to learn to ride and, just as importantly, I wanted to learn how to take care of horses. I’ve always loved animals and all of Nature, and was excited (and a bit nervous) about the first week of camp at Storybook Ranch.
   We went to Storybook Ranch to check it out, and it looked fun! My Dad agreed to sign me up for a week of camp! I was really excited to finally learn how to ride a horse. After the first day, I felt like I had been riding horses my entire life!
   I advanced from Level 1 to Level 3 that first day! My favorite horse, Pepper, and all the people at the camp are just amazing, and I feel like they’re part of my family.     
   I learned to ride, and how to saddle and groom the horses. I’ve learned how to feed the horse without it eating your fingers (very important!). Other things I’ve learned:
-  How to avoid getting kicked by a horse
-  How to avoid getting rammed by a lamb [also, very important]
-  I also learned that, if you go into the petting zoo wearing your purse, a goat will eat your purse, sneeze on your hand when you try to push it away, and then ram you in the butt when you bend down to pick up your water bottle.
    Next week, I’m back to learn even more, I love the people, and the horses! And, I was only in group 3 last week [high intermediate], and I want to get to 4 [advanced]! 
   Pepper [the huge white horse with black specks] is the biggest horse there. The horses listen to you, and don’t try to buck you off or anything. 
  They love to be fed carrots, watermelons, apples, and sugar cubes! They’re funny and kid-friendly, which is awfully important.
  Horse back riding isn’t all you do, you can go to the petting zoo and feed the goats and lambs, and pet the chickens! 
  You can also slide on the water slide, bounce in the bounce house, and swim in the creek! The little kids are adorable and sweet. All the workers are just really friendly and welcoming. I felt so happy and safe the entire week.
   If I hadn’t gone to horse camp, I’d probably have been playing a video game on my computer, or busy getting fat while eating bag after bag of chips. 
   I am grateful that for the first time I had the opportunity to ride a horse, since I’d never really seen any place to ride one here in Texas. I’m grateful for everyone that helped me learn.
   I hope that other kids can get a chance to have the same experience I am having.                      
Libby Cooper

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