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Chef Charles Miller of Ruths Chris Steak House Grill Masters series at William Sonoma

  There was a house full of foodies surrounding the central demonstration station at Plano's William-Sonoma. I walked over to one of the attentive observers Tom Alleman who's wife Susan happens to be the Assistant Senior Manager of the culinary haven located on the SE corner of Preston Road and Park.
 "Are there always this many people here on a Sunday afternoon?, I asked Tom
  "There are when Chef Charles is giving a clinic." replies Tom.
  Culinary Activities are a regular occurrence and the Plano store brings in popular Chef's from all over the DFW area to share their expertise with a faithful following. The June calender is chocked full of near daily activities. 
  This time, the clinic was a grilling extravaganza of steaks and seafood. A captivated crowd asked questions and sampled every thing from rib eyes and sirloins to shrimp, scallops, and tuna.
  Of course Chef Charles was using helpful cooking accessories, seasonings, and equipment for sale at the store. The cash register was ringing throughout the sampling and the guest were anxiously waiting their turn to personally address the chef of Ruths Chris Steak House on the North Dallas Tollway.
  Ruths Chris is among the final 8 contenders for Dallas favorite steak house. You can vote for you favorite on the Dallas Morning News website.
  Assisting Chef Miller was author and Chef Instructor/Private event chef Jenny Scott who can be seen at www.kitchenessentialswith
  Next week, the Grill Masters series will feature 'Grilled Side Dishes'. 

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