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Attorney/ Assoc. Judge Terri Green

Who Knows Terri Green?
  Apparently, quite a few know her well! She has been involved in her schools, communities, and interest groups her entire life. But how involved she has been is the true measure of the value of that list.
  With all the candidates presenting their list of activities and experiences, measuring the depth of commitment and participation is the only fair ruler. How many clubs you can join and when you join them means nothing. It is what you do after you make a commitment that means everything!

As the good book reads “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?” James 2:14
  Terri Green has far out stripped the other candidates for this judicial seat in legal exposure and experience. She is the only candidate licensed to practice before All Courts in the State of Texas, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court!
  The legal field has been ingrained in Terri since she was a young girl.  The daughter of a legal secretary of twenty two years, Terri earned her way through high school, college, and law school while working for attorneys who also eventually became State District Judges. One of her former office mates is a current Texas Supreme Court Justice.  She has been guided through her legal career by highly reputable and principled mentors.

James W. McCartney, retired founding partner of the General Litigation Section at Vinson & Elkins Law Firm:  
  Terri was one of several legal assistants in General Litigation and the only legal assistant in the newly created Family law section of which I was the administrative head in the 80's. Her job was to assist the trial attorneys in organizing exhibits, summarize depositions, draft various trial documents, and assist in getting matters organized for trial.  In addition, she assisted in very complex trials as needed.  
  Terri was excellent!  She would get things done! When she had a project, she was relentless. If she needed something she would stay with it.  She is literally one of, if not the, most energetic people I have ever known. 
  While at South Texas College of Law school, she participated in both the moot court competition, which is an oral presentation of a hypothetical case on appeal and mock trial competition which is a hypothetical trial. She won many awards.
  By coincidence, I along with another senior trial attorney at Vinson & Elkins judged the final round of which Terri was a finalist. We gave her a brutally hard time in order to be fair and impartial. She took it well and came back as she always does, with grace and determination. This gave me a great deal of respect for her trial presentation skills. Her instincts are excellent and she has a strong sense of fairness. Upon graduation from law school, she received the Dean’s Award for Most Outstanding Law Student, a much deserved honor! After graduation, she went to work for an insurance defense trial firm where she perfected her civil litigation skills by trying cases in both the Federal Court system and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.
  We need more of that on the bench. We need hard working judges who are fair, follow the law, and are courteous to the attorneys and the people with whom they have to deal.
   At the same time, a judge needs to be tough enough not to be “influenced”  by big time lawyers from big time firms or anyone else expecting a “favorable ruling” from a Judge for whatever reason. I have followed Terri’s legal career for over 30 years now with pride. I have great respect not only for her legal skills and her work ethic, but also for Terri Green as a person.

  Terri’s mother instilled: family, faith, and education! Younger sister Jona will tell you her big sister has always been a natural born leader. “Terri always rises to the top!  She constantly works hard to succeed in everything she takes on. Her awareness of details is amazing and she has always taken her responsibilities so seriously.”  
  “When we were young, our mother became permanently disabled. Our father had passed away when Terri was 9, I was 8, and our baby brother John was just 2. Our mother suffered a crippling disease just 5 years later.  Even though our mother could no longer drive, she made sure we had rides to church, three times a week.  Terri took on the role as soon as she got her hardship driver’s permit at 15.  Mom also taught us to make the most of our education opportunities, and honor our family.”
  “Terri has always taken responsibility for all of us. Even while she was pursuing everything that motivated and interested her, Terri has kept our own family close, protected, and motivated her whole life, even after our mother passed away in 2004.”
   Little brother John has found success as an Executive for Marek Brothers Systems.
  “Terri was the discipline and the structure that kept me focused on my education. She took me to buy my first car and helped me apply for my scholarships and college loans. She was my personal cheer leader at my graduations and absolutely the biggest positive impact on my success. She is sincere and determined to deliver the best results in any endeavor she desires to pursue.  She will be a great Judge for Collin County. She is a hard worker, is ethical, has high morals, knows the law, and will be fair.”

People who know!
  "I have known Terri for many years and my wife and I consider her a friend. Terri is always out in the community making a difference.  She has never hesitated to help others and has taken charge of many different civic events to make them successful"
Maher Maso, City of Frisco Mayor
  Sharon Weinberg helps honor the memory of her late husband with the Frisco Chamber of Commerce John Weinberg Golf Tournament. The Weinberg’s have devoted much of their lives to community service and involvement in Frisco and Collin County. She is a devoted supporter of Terri Green for Judge for good reason.
  “In all of my dealings with Terri, she has proven to be a tireless and enthusiastic participant. She never sits on the sidelines. She sees what needs to be done and then makes things happen. Her level of energy and commitment to everything she undertakes is due to her high level of drive and character. I watched with amazement at her creativity and passion as Terri was chairman for the Weinberg golf tournament. She was always one step ahead, handled details with ease, and got the job done. Terri Green honors her commitments!” 
   I am proud to have known Terri for 39 years.  I can vouch for the fact that she is an outstanding person dedicated to the law and the court system. She is honest, hardworking, loyal, meticulous, energetic and trustworthy. Terri is involved in the community, and generously devotes a great deal of her time to community service. I am proud to call her friend.
Vicki Snider, CPL: 
Senior Landman: Comstock Resources, Inc. Frisco

   Terri Green and I first met several years ago when working together on a fundraiser for Conner Harrington Republican Women. I was impressed with her willingness to do what needed to be done to insure the success of the event with tremendous grace and ease.
   Later Terri and I began working together on the Collin County Child Protective Services Board  after Terri was nominated and appointed by County Commissioner Matt Shaheen and confirmed by all of the Commissioner’s Court, At each of our board meetings I am always astonished at Terri's ability to quickly and accurately read a situation then promptly offer effective, realistic solutions that stay within budget.
   Everyone that I introduce to Terri has expressed how very impressed they are with her. They realize that she is a very special person with very special abilities.
   Collin County residents need Terri Green on the bench in the 380th District Court. Collin County residents would be proud of the work Terri Green would do as Judge of the 380th District Court.
Thank you,
Linda Carrington
  I served with Terri on the Board of Directors with the Frisco Chamber of Commerce where Terri was awarded the annual Chairman’s Award. She also ran the most successful Golf Tournament in the history of the Chamber. Because Terri is ethical, hard working and a true public servant - I highly endorse Terri as the next Judge of the 380th Judicial Court. She will be an HUGE asset to the community.
Rhonda Martin

   My involvements with Terri Green have all been positive. She steps up to the plate to get the job done! I have appreciated her efforts in keeping me well informed on issues that I have been involved with. She is a high energy person. Go Terri!!!
Lyn Chambers
Texas Silver-Haired Legislator, Collin, Hunt, Kaufman & Rockwall Counties
National Congress of Silver-Haired Legislators
   I have had the pleasure of working with Terri Green, Candidate for Judge of the 380th Court in Collin County, for several years.  We worked together in a Women’s Republican Club as she served as 1st Vice President,  then went on to start a new Republican Women’s Club in her home town of Frisco when she saw the need to expand conservative values.
  Terri worked diligently to form and guide her new club into becoming federated with the Texas Federation of Republican Women in record time, a feat that takes many hours of volunteer work and determination.    The club continues to serve women in the North Collin County area by informing and educating within the political arena.
  You should know this about Terri, when she decides to do something; she will work tirelessly to get it done!  I have watched Terri work with other Republicans in our county as she raised funds for the GOP and has worked on numerous campaigns.  She currently serves our county on the Child Protective Services Board, and served many years as a Teen Court Judge.
  Terri Green will make an excellent Judge for Collin County and I strongly endorse and support her efforts.   She has such a strong character, which shows in her volunteer work and in her professional life.  Terri will serve Collin County very well.
Jody Rushton, VP of Finance
Texas Federation of Republican Women
Brig. Gen. Al Brewster, USMC (Ret)
  It is my great pleasure to be acquainted with Terri Green for some years now as members of the Rotary Club of Frisco.
  During that time I have had the opportunity to observe her in a number of capacities within our Club and the community.
  Terri always brings a level of enthusiasm and energy to any issue she becomes involved with. Club members recently recognized both her talents and impact on our Club by voting her as “Rotarian of the Year” in 2011.  
  While I have not had the need to employ her in her profession as an attorney, I have spoken to individuals who have. They have always commented on her ability to listen (a very important quality for a Judge) and then apply her extensive legal background to the problem they were facing at the time.
  The fact that she has qualified to present cases to the US Supreme Court level should not be lightly dismissed when looking for an individual to elevate to the position of Judge at the State District court level. She will be responsible for making decisions based on her extensive background and knowledge of both statues and case law.
  I have no doubt that she will be most capable in undertaking this highly responsible position in our community and strongly support her election.

Elected Officials Endorsements
State Senator Florence Shapiro
State Representative Jerry Madden
State Representative Jodie Laubenberg
County Commissioner Joe Jaynes
Mayor Maher Maso--Frisco
Mayor Steve Terrell--Allen
Mayor Joe Cordina--Parker
Mayor Ray Smith--Prosper
Mayor Johnny Hamm--New Hope
Mayor Jim Lewis--Celina
Former County Commissioner-- Jerry Hoagland
Former Mayor Mike Simpson--Frisco
City Councilman Bob Allen--Frisco
City Councilman Henry Lessner--Fairview
City Councilwoman Robin Sedlacek--Allen
City Councilman Gary Caplinger --Allen
Former County Judge--Bill Roberts
Former County Judge--Ron Harris
Dr. Jim Joyner, Former Mayor Pro Tem--Frisco
Jim McGee, Former City Councilman--Plano
Bart Crowder-Former City Councilman--Frisco
Lyn Chambers--Silver Hair Legislator
Sam Roach-- Collin College Trustee
Jenny McCall-- Collin College Trustee

Terri came in first on the McKinney Tea Party Straw Poll ballot and is endorsed by the Coalition for Better Government
Early voting starts on July 23 and runs through July 27, with election being held on July 31.

  When I began my research on Terri Green, I was a little skeptical. There are so many candidates who try to look ‘Pretty on Paper’! Many candidates join associations and then are rarely seen again. It is clearly evident that Ms. Green has earned her resume through diligence, commitment, and determination.
  Besides being an exceptionally qualified judicial candidate, the most amazing find in my investigation is her energy and drive to get things done! This is a trait that our court systems need.
  You should meet Terri Green! You should not cast your vote without comparing candidates anyway. To learn more, you can visit:
Facebook Friend her at Terri Hinson Green where you can track her activities and find an opportunity to meet her.
  Judges have more day to day impact on the lives of our communities than most of us realize. Millions of dollars and hundreds of man-hours are wasted or saved by the management of the courts. Just because you might never have to appear in court doesn’t mean that your friends, families, and business associations are immune. Neither are you!

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