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What I learned

on the Campaign Trail
by Brent Bowen
I am always surprised that more people do not know who the DA is and what he does.  Because the long running TV series “Law and Order” is still popular, I just assumed that people know what the DA does. I am also surprised that more people don’t know who the three term Denton County incumbent is. However, I should not be too surprised because he rarely makes statements and is never in a courtroom.

I have learned that the conservative movement is very strong. It is not enough to be a Republican, you must be a conservative Republican. I noticed on my opponent's signs, some say Conservative Republican, some only say Republican.
So, what makes someone a Conservative?

First. I think it is prolife. I was asked at a recent forum if I was 100% prolife. I quickly told the women “no” because I was in favor of the death penalty. Her face turned from a surprised look since I told her that I was the conservative candidate in the race, to understanding as I explained why I was not 100% prolife. Unfortunately, I do not know what percent that makes me as I believe in the death penalty.

I have also been surprised that some citizens believe that it is just standard operating procedure to be sued. As an attorney, I can tell you that it is highly uncomfortable to be sued or even be threatened with the idea of a lawsuit.
I understand that we tend to be a litigious society, but I did not think people would be content with the idea of employees’ suing their boss. In my opinion a lawsuit by an employee is the ultimate display of mismanagement and a lack of leadership. Many hundreds of thousands have and will be spent by the county due to lawsuits by D.A. staffers.

Lastly, I have learned that we do not debate, we have forums. What is the difference? Well the one who has the last word usually wins because the other cannot further defend. The forum is also a good use of sound bites even if they are false.

I have been told that I don’t have the experience to be DA, yet I have practiced criminal law for 17 years. I have handled a diverse caseload and I have handled every type of case the DA’s office handles. I doubt many in the current DA’s office have the overall experience I have had.

I believe the incumbent has not displayed management skills and has never managed an office prior to becoming the DA. Yet he attacks me for having run a successful law practice, dealing with HR and insurance, along with the hiring and firing of employees.

As DA I will take a team approach. I have always been involved in athletics, from high school sports, to playing college football, from playing intramurals, to coaching my kid’s sports. Part of teamwork and Leadership is recognizing your own faults and weaknesses and surrounding yourself with people who compliment you.

I always think that as a leader you must encourage and inspire your staff. I was once criticized for saying if I were elected I would be a cheerleader for the office and encourage them to do their best. Recently I heard County Judge Candidate Andy Eads make the very same statement. In taking a team approach, I do not intend to purge the office. I believe many if not all the current DA’s just need to make sure they are in the right place to make the office strong and efficient.

A new Head coach rarely fires his quarterback and his offensive line and skill players. He or she must make sure he has the right people, with the right skill, and attitude in the right places.  I am a team player! We play to each other’s strengths.

I am Brent Bowen your candidate for Denton County District Attorney
1. I believe first in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 

2. I believe in the death penalty and the jury’s choice to hand down such 
a sentence. 

3. I believe in treatment courts and the function they serve (I ran on 
this 8 years ago) 

4. I believe we have a duty to help our Veterans. The Veterans court is 
not a re-election tool. 

5. I will Support and Work with Law Enforcement to reduce crime and target 
high crime areas. 

6. I believe in high standards in the office and I will push my assistants 
to be the very best they can be and not make Denton County famous for the 
wrong reasons. (Denton DA office has the distinction of one of the state’s 
training cases on what not to do in turning over discovery and being 
. Additional, violent offenders have gone free or received 
reduced sentences due to errors in the DA’s office.) 

7. I believe technology will make the DA’s office more efficient and allow 
prosecutors to prosecute cases and not have to be copy clerks 

8. I believe taxpayer money should be protected, and not have to be used 
to defend the District Attorney’s Office in employee complaints, which has 
already costs taxpayers half a million dollars, with more to come with the 
new law suit! 

9. I am a Christian, a Sunday school teacher, a father, and successful 
small businessman. 

10. I am a graduate of Leadership Denton, and a member of Christian Legal 

11. I have handled every type of case the District Attorney’s Office 
handles, from traffic tickets, to mental health court, misdemeanor and 
felony trials, child protective service cases, appeals, and I have argued 
before the Court of Appeals. 

We have very good assistants on the Denton County D. A’s staff. We just need to give them the leadership and support they deserve! 

"political advertisement paid for by Brent Bowen Campaign"

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