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Dan Wyde for President

  That is, Port Arthur, Texas native and former Thomas Jefferson High School student body President Dan Wyde.
  The hometown of Jimmy Johnson (Dallas Cowboys), Tom Hicks (Texas Rangers, Mavericks, and Mesquite Rodeo Arena), Janis Joplin, and many other notable success stories is also the place where Dan Wyde developed his exceptional skills.
  What are those skills? It is said that Day Wyde never met a stranger. He talks to everyone and speaks the language of downhome Texan. You might call him an old school gentleman.
  It is no wonder that he became the Student Body President of Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur. 
  Port Arthur has now consolidated the high schools into one Sr. High School much like Allen, Texas. It has maintained it’s demographic balance and population since it reached 50,000 in the 1930’s.
Port Arthur is a balanced mix of Black and White with Asians and Hispanics making up the other 1/3rd of the 50,000+. The median income is low by most standards and the community is bound by sharing the fatigue of countless hurricanes, floods, and environmental disasters.
This is where Dan Wyde excelled! 
  As he is today, he was the uniting force of race and socio-economics. He respected everyone, and the love was returned.
  Port Arthur is where Dan Wyde honed his spirit of fairness and social justice. It is where his conservative values took root to make him a respected Constitutionally driven defense attorney, prosecutor, and Judge. His practice calls on his expertise and experience in civil and criminal law.
  Meet Dan and you will see why you would want him on your defense team for his ability to communicate and relate to the jury and the bench. He is often called upon by other attorney’s not only for his razor-sharp mind and knowledge of the law, but also for his easy going Southern charm and honest delivery of the case.
  It will be a year before the elected take their place on the 5th. During that time, many of you will find yourself or someone close to you in need of solid representation and you will either call on Dan Wyde or possibly wish you had.
  Can you say that about the other candidates? Listen to him speak!

The 5th District Court of Appeals in Texas is a leader in the numbers of diversified cases it is handed. It is not a place to learn all three aspects of practicing law. It is made up of scholars who come with an unbiased view and the experience to see all sides of the cases presented to them

The Most Experienced & Most Qualified Candidate
     The Honorable Dan L. Wyde is a former Dallas County Criminal Court Judge. During his 8+ years on the bench, Judge Wyde presided over 500 jury trials and 500 non-jury trials and disposed of approximately 25,000 cases.  
     Year in year out, Judge Wyde's court was always one of the most efficient criminal courts. Employing common sense and business practices to collect the Court's fines and costs, while incurring the lowest expenses compared to all 11 similar courts.
   As the only candidate with judicial experience for this bench, former Judge Wyde is the most experienced and best candidate to serve as Justice on the 5th Court of Appeals, Place 11.
    Prior to becoming a judge, Dan served as an Assistant Criminal District Attorney for Dallas County.  He was lead counsel in 75 jury trials and 75 non-jury trials.  Dan specialized in prosecuting Drug Crimes, Child Abusers and White Collar criminals.  He has been Board Certified in Criminal Trial law since 2000.  He was lead counsel in the largest heroin case ever filed in Dallas' State Courts and the third DNA case in the Dallas criminal courts.  He prosecuted embezzlers of such notable companies as Brinker International, Bright & Co., and Club Corp.     
     In 2006, Dan entered private practice establishing Wyde & Associates.
Fighting Election Fraud & Corruption in Private Practice
Phil Graham, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Dan, and the President
Dan was the lead counsel in: Sepulveda vs. Medrano, the largest Dallas Co. voter fraud case ever tried; Price vs. Woodward, mail-in ballot fraud in Tarrant County; Burnett vs. Upham, Candidate for DA denied Ballot Access; In RE: Dallas Constable Mike Dupree, Removal from Office Due to Official Malfeasance.                                                  
A Proven Constitutional Conservative Republican for 25+ Years
Yes, that's Rick Perry and Chuck Norris
Dan has voted in every Republican primary election since 1992.
Dan attended the Texas Republican Party's State Conventions in 2016, 2004, 2002, 2000 and 1998.
Dan has attended Lincoln & Regan Day Dinners in 2016 and 2006 through 1997.
Dan is a member of numerous Republican Clubs.
      Your vote on March 6, 2018 will ensure the most capable candidate represents the nearly 4 million residents across the 6 counties (Collin, Rockwall, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, Dallas) that compose the 5th District Court of Appeals.

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962. Political Ad paid for by Dan Wyde campaign, Mika Mitchell Treasurer. In compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial campaign Fairness Act.

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