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McKinney Women

Making a (BIG) Difference  a review by J.B. Blocker
  I had heard about a book featuring several lady acquaintances from McKinney, Texas. The North Dallas community has blossomed over the past 20 years to become a nationally recognized Best Place to live in many categories. 
 Last week I obtained a copy. The two organizer/authors are Sheila Johnson and Michelle Prince who I have known casually for several years. When I sat down to read it, I expected a good read. I didn’t put the book back down except for more coffee.
  More communities should raise up leadership and encourage more open involvement. 
  I am a fan of collections of short stories that make a point and leave an impression. You can order a copy from Amazon at this link.
  The real surprise was not just the range of blessings and challenges each of the dozen paths had crossed and taken. I expected some variety. It was the fact that as a collection the range of inspiration was not just deep and wide, but was also much bigger than McKinney.  And the book is not just for women. I thought of my mom and several others as I visited each personal story.
  These ladies didn’t do inspirational things without the help of others who also believed, supported, and encouraged them whether parents, siblings, and even outsiders. I like to think that we are surrounded by opportunities to be Assistant Guardian Angels. Even assisting Guardian Angels counts in my book. 

 I was raised by a powerful Christian woman. Sometimes the leader, sometimes the cheerleader, and always committed.  She wasn’t ever wealthy, but she gave all she had. Her talents were many. We were raised in a competitive home where my father retired as Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. Both were tremendous Bible students. Mom was better! I had the knowledge and love of Bible study poured in to me and sometimes pounded in. I am so grateful. It made me a big fan of Faith, Hope, and Love.
   She demanded a lot from everyone but in retrospect, she would always demand more from herself. As amazing as Nancy Lea Blocker of Perry, Oklahoma was, very few people got to bask in her ‘faith without works is dead’ mentality. Sunray, Texas has less than 2000.
 Very few will know of her. I like to think that she still has had an effect on many who are passing it on.
  As I read each short story, I wish my mother could have been part of such a collection. This book has many ways to inspire the readers. The group was not assembled to glorify the authors but to show what can be done with the right attitude and objectives.

  I am an adopted child. There are two adoption stories and they are quite different. I can relate a little to each. Maybe it’s because strong Christian faith helped mold the families. Each has surprising beginnings and happy results.

  Several of these ladies spend their lives motivating and inspiring others. They shine the light on people that need support and encouragement.

   It is a common trait of inspirational people. Several chapters have to do with orchestrating organizations and events for big causes. Most of this has to do with enthusiastic leadership.

  Although some of these ladies had financial or educational advantages, they discovered that life can throw many unexpected curves that are only overcome by faith, determination, and goals.

  Not everyone can pull themselves up from truly modest beginnings. But many do. Ladies like Sheila Johnson left deep country roots and literally dragged herself and child through many obstacles to achieve personal and financial security that she shares with others.

  There are a few common denominators among these Women of McKinney. Spirituality, Faith, Responsibility, and Determination belong in this sisterhood. Humanity and Love guide the way.  Every one of these ladies have found a way to help others in their own ways. Those effects radiate far and wide.  McKinney, Texas is their home base.



- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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