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Judge your Candidates! Major James Angelino

  I am the product of a family of immigrants. My great grandfather on my father's side came to the US via Ellis Island in 1908. My mother's family came from Spain, to Puerto Rico, then to the US.
  Neither of my parents spoke their family’s native language. Growing up we had a lot more contact with my father's family. If you asked my great grandfather Cono Severino, what he was, he would have told you he was an American. He realized the only way to truly have a chance at the American Dream was to assimilate.
  He wanted better for his family than he had. The only way that could happen was to speak English and become an American. I do really wish that Italian was spoken instead of buying Rosetta Stone, but I am proud and grateful my family made that decision.
  Unfortunately, some of the immigrants of today do not feel the same way and are not taking advantage of the benefits of being a part of this great nation and of being American.

Major James (Jimmy) Angelino, Candidate for the new Collin County Court #7.
  The first thing I asked Jimmy when he told me he had decided to run for the newly formed Collin County Court #7 was Why?
  He had previously run for Collin County District Attorney against a wildly popular local favorite and former Judge with plenty of campaign experience. Even though he is highly qualified, the Greg Willis juggernaut was too strong to overcome.
  As far as I am concerned, if you want to elect someone who will give their all and then some, he would rank high on any list.
Cole (16), Misti, Gabby (6)
  The man decided he needed to serve his country in the military in honor of family traditions at age 39! James Angelino now serves as a Major in the United States Army Reserve JAG Corp.
  He was mobilized to active duty in January 2003 where he spent 16 months on active duty. Jimmy was sent to Tikrit, Iraq for a 6 month tour where he defended soldiers accused of misconduct. During this time, Jimmy was the lead attorney on 21 Courts Martials. For his service, Jimmy was awarded the Bronze Star, The Army Commendation Medal, The Iraqi Campaign Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.
  So Why? Why a misdemeanor court?

  “As I looked in to my future, what I saw was that this court gives me the opportunity to create a learning experience for the defendants. There are opportunities to be creative in the punishment phase. I have practiced in many courts as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney on all levels of criminal cases.
  I know what it is like on all sides of the court from arresting officer, to prosecutor, to defender. As a defender, I can be fair and accommodating to the tough schedules and long days of driving from one court to the next.  For a defense attorney that is not getting paid the big bucks for appointed cases a little consideration is due. These people surrender their lives, their life styles, and their families at times so that they can give each case their best.
  As a prosecutor, I understand the intricacies of proper prosecutions as well as the range of variables in charges and leniency. And I learned so much about proper arrest with all the i's and t's dotted and crossed in over 7 years as a beat cop in Dallas.
  As a caring human, I saw many opportunities for the courts to be creative in their judgements in order to establish mutual respect for the law without destroying families.
  This is the one court where I can really help the system work for a better relationship with the community! I can use my experience and humanity to promote a learning experience for the defendants by incorporating judgements that don’t create hardships that they can’t overcome. I can wisely choose combinations of work release, community service, payable fines, and other methods that make the point and satisfy the law without crippling the fragile lives involved.”
Joey (Nassau PD), Jeff (Deputy), James (NYPD), Jimmy, Jay (Dallas PD)

 Jimmy’s answer was not what I expected, but it made perfect sense as I looked him in the eyes and saw the excited sincerity and heard his unrehearsed and heartfelt feelings.
  I already liked Jimmy. Even respected him! But this is when I became a big fan.
  He is going to take a pay cut from his successful practice. But he will add something much more important to James Angelino. He will continue to give more back to his country and community than most ever do.
  Jimmy’s family legacy of brothers, uncles, parents, and grandparents is one of military, law enforcement, and community service. It is what drives him.
 Jimmy maintains memberships in many organizations across the country, and currently serves as a Major in the United States Army Reserve JAG Corp.
  He was mobilized to active duty in January 2003 where he spent 16 months on active duty. Jimmy was sent to Tikrit, Iraq for a 6 month tour where he defended soldiers accused of misconduct. During this time, Jimmy was the lead attorney on 21 Courts Martials and for his service, Jimmy was awarded the Bronze Star, The Army Commendation Medal, The Iraqi Campaign Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

  A long and distinguished career as both a police officer and a prosecutor allows Jimmy to bring a unique level of expertise in the area of criminal defense.
  Originally from New York State, Jimmy began his legal career as a police officer for the City of Dallas in 1988.
  Not long after becoming a police officer, Jimmy decided to attend law school. In 1991, Jimmy attended Southern Methodist University (SMU) School of Law, while continuing to work for the police department. Jimmy graduated law school in 1994, became a member of the State Bar in 1995, and continued working as a police officer until 1997.
  That same year, Jimmy began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in Denton County, Texas. Jimmy was one of the office’s most successful trial attorneys, only losing four cases in his 11+ years as a prosecutor. In those 11 years,    Jimmy has tried every type case, from a traffic ticket to murder. Jimmy also maintained his Texas Peace Officer’s License, continuing his career as a law enforcement officer in Texas.
  Due to the complexity and focused knowledge a prosecutor must have to successfully prosecute intoxication offenses, Jimmy identified the need for a specialized position in the Denton County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute these types of cases.
  In 2000, Jimmy wrote drafted a grant proposal that funded a DWI Prosecution Unit, which consisted of a prosecutor, an investigator and a paid intern. Jimmy was awarded the prosecutor position, which started in 2001. The Denton County District Attorney’s Office was the second office in Texas to have a unit specifically focused on handling Intoxication Offenses. As the Chief Prosecutor of this felony prosecution unit, Jimmy began spending a lot of time not only training both fellow prosecutors and police officers in Denton County, but prosecutors and police officers from across the country.
  In 1997, Jimmy became speaker and faculty adviser at the bi-annual Texas Prosecutor Trial Skills Course, a course that every new prosecutor attends. In addition, he was a speaker and course curriculum specialist for the Texas District and County Attorney Association (TDCAA) Intoxication Manslaughter and Investigation Trial Advocacy Course for 8 years.
  This program, attended by experienced prosecutors from across the nation, has been recognized as one of the best of its kind. In addition, Jimmy has taught prosecutors, police officers and defense attorney’s on various topics such as Voir Dire, Direct Examination, Cross Examination, and Crossing an Expert Witness. In 2007, Jimmy left the DA’s office to open up his own firm.
  A veteran of over 300 jury trials, Jimmy has the vast knowledge and experience needed to get you the best results in your case. Jimmy is first and foremost a trial attorney; an attorney who loves and excels in front of a jury. But he also knows that sometimes it’s not in his client’s best interest to go to trial. In these instances, Jimmy will leave no stone unturned to insure that you get the best result possible on your case.

Credentials and Experience
  • Spent 7 and ½ years as a Dallas Police Officer and a total of 19 years as a Certified Texas Peace Officer
  • Holds a Masters TCLEOSE Certification
  • Certified by the State Of Texas in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests
  • Spent 11yrs in the Denton County District Attorney’s office
  • Created and was the Chief of the Denton County DWI Prosecution Unit
  • During his 7 years as Chief of the DWI Prosecution Unit, he was one of a handful of experts on intoxication for the State
  • Has lectured all over the Country on topics such as Cross Examination, Standard Field Sobriety Tests and Intoxication Manslaughter
  • Has provided hundreds of hours of advanced training to law enforcement
  • Has tried over 300 jury trials and has handled over a thousand Intoxication Offense cases
  • Has personally handled every phase of a criminal case, from arrest all the way to trial

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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