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The League of Extra-Ordinary Reviewers invaded 3 Stacks BBQ and Tap House on Preston Road in Frisco.
  For this session, I invited a new collection of old friends. The group included Frisco's popular mayor, our county commissioner, a lady Associate Judge to keep everyone in line, and because of all the beer selections I included a respected beer judge. 
  My guest were so engaging as you will see, that I had to post the beer pairings separately.

Having a title like 'The Rib Whisperer' is a bold and challenging title. That is especially true in Texas! But Trace Arnold isn't foolin around. He is making his mark all over the country in his custom 80 ft. BBQ Emporium on wheels and on steroids.
There is a very logical reason for the 3 Stacks. While most BBQ is cooked in one massive smoker, it is very hard to moderate the temperature of different types of wood. Some cook much hotter, some smoke in different densities, and all the different cuts and kinds of meat require different timing and turning. The 3 separate systems allow Trace and his wranglers to control those important issues.
I'd usually have more to say, but Mayor Maso, Matt Shaheen, and Terri Green had more than enough to say. You'll find them to be entertaining and enlightening. Even though we were there to try some of everything, I had to fight for a rib.

Frisco Mayor Maher Maso (say that 3 times)

  It is always good to have a new business in Frisco and watch our community continue to grow.  I was especially excited to hear that 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House was opening in Frisco.  While opening a new restaurant in Frisco is not an uncommon occurrence,

  I knew that 3 stacks was going to be a great community partner when they quickly took action to help victims in West, Texas by being part of a relief effort.  I am always thankful for our community stakeholders to get involved and be part of making a difference.   That is why I was excited to be asked to be a “taste tester” for this article and to give my comments about the food there.

  Those who know me also know I really enjoy visiting our local restaurants and trying the many different menu items.   That led to the hardest part of being part of this review – the number of menu items! The food is displayed for your eye pleasure and if you are a lover of BBQ, the visual choices will almost be overwhelming.

Choosing from a visually stimulating sides buffet can be a challenge
   I quickly gravitated to the 6-cheese Mac & Cheese!  The visual appeal was quickly bypassed by the actual taste.  It was well done and tasty, with the rich flavor of the different cheeses.

  The next item that caught my attention was the Cabernet Mushrooms soakin in their Cabernet juices, with basil and chives.  Another excellent choice!  From there, I moved on to the twice-baked potatoes that included cheese, bacon and chives.  I almost went back for seconds!

  One of the items that quickly grabbed my attention was the skewered and grilled corn on the cob with mushrooms, onion, tomato, zucchini and bell pepper with all the right spices!  Skewered corn on the cob was not something I was used to seeing, but it was well done and very tasty!

  I could write all day and we would have a very long article, but I am going to just right to the main course.  Two items really jumped out to me:  The Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage made in house with diced Jalapeño and cheddar, all smoked on the pit!  It had an amazing taste and the cheese really added the right flavor.  If you don’t like spicy things, this one may not be for you.  I, on the other hand, love spicy food and had a hard time stopping at just a few (we were there to taste all the food after all!)

  While the sausage was amazing, the highlight of the evening was the Pork Baby Back Ribs smoked in plum chipotle glaze.  These ribs are the invention of Trace “The Rib Whisperer” Arnold and are his personal home recipe.  This is the item that is not to be missed.

  After all that, not much room existed for desert and the choices were tough.  I would have to say that it was a tossup and I could not pick just one, so here are my favorite deserts:  Granny Smith Apple Pie Cobbler, Homemade Blackberry Cobbler, Texas pecan pie y’all, ooowe brownie and rootbeer float yer boat.    

  Yes, I know, that is not really saying which one is my favorite. That is because they were all excellent and I’m the Mayor – I can do that!


Matt Shaheen, State Rep. and Frisco/Plano Favorite

   I am proud to welcome a new addition to our Collin County family.
When it comes to fall off the bone smoked BBQ, Collin County citizens will love 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in Frisco.   
  There’s an awesome array of moist and tender, smoked meats from beef brisket and pulled pork to chicken and turkey, jalapeno cheddar sausage, and  of course ribs.   My favorite from all of these choices are the ribs! You hear about ribs so tender that the meat falls off the bone but you don’t always get that at many places.  The slow smoked flavor combined with 3 Stacks BBQ sauce can’t be beat.  

  The sausage also had a great flavor with just the right mix of cheese and jalapenos and the pulled pork combined with pickles smothered in 3 Stack BBQ couldn’t be beat.  At the end of the day, Pit Master Trace Arnold has developed special smoking technique that distinguishes him from all the others.    In addition to great BBQ are fantastic side dishes that you select cafeteria style.  
  A lot of effort is put into these dishes by the kitchen and there’s lot to choose from, including their signature Mac N’ 6 Cheeses, baked beans, green beans, and the best sweet potato casserole in the entire United States.   I also highly recommend the green beans that have a great flavor delivering a marvelous addition to your plate. 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House is a great family restaurant with a casual dining atmosphere.

   I also want to compliment the staff who were as friendly and knowledgeable as they were accommodating

Attorney Terri Green, Frisco's Go To Girl

  Coming from deep East Texas, I have sampled many BBQ places, smokehouses, and roadside cookers.  So I was pretty sure I was already familiar with authentic smoked BBQ when I was invited to “taste test” the food at 3 Stacks, the newest BBQ attraction in Frisco.

  As a busy mom, attorney, and community volunteer who dines out frequently,  I always look for a place with good food, large portions for my boys, and reasonably priced. WOW, was I surprised as I walked in to JUST the place! Whether you are in golf attire or dress clothes, the atmosphere is welcoming!

  We grabbed a tray and hit the buffet style sides display which really whet our appetites.  The expression on my face showed it all. So many colorful and appetizing side dishes! I keep thinking as my mouth began to water…. “What else can I put on my plate?

  First up, cream style corn because I love it.  I was quite surprised. Its texture was totally different than what I expected. There were big pieces of corn shaved off the roasted ears, swirling in cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, season salt and freshly diced jalapenos, which added a little “kick”. GREAT dish!

  Next up, kale.  Very crispy and fresh, with a hint of lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and grated Parmesan cheese.  Not only delicious, but healthy as well!

  I couldn’t slide by without tasting their sweet potato casserole.  Although it looked similar to what my mother made, looks can be deceiving as the delicacy of the roasted sweet potatoes, blended with maple syrup, brown sugar, and marshmallows were cooked to perfection. It could have been a dessert with its unusual streusel topping, a drizzling of brown sugar and flour! Oh my, why wait for Thanksgiving for this dish!!

  Who could make potato salad better than me OR my mother??  Well, 3 Stacks!  Gently cooked potatoes, mixed with just the right mayonnaise and mustard combination, complete with chopped pickles (made in-house incidentally), eggs, red onion, pepper and a dash of celery brought back memories of backyard picnics in East Texas!  My compliments to the Chef!  More please!

  And if that wasn’t enough, the staff presents us with an incredibly high mountain of BBQ brisket, sausage, pulled pork, and ribs!  I could not put down the sausage with cheese and bits of jalapenos.  

  As I began to push away from the table I spied my all-time favorite, smoked BBQ chicken! I must admit that sometimes it can be overcooked and dry, but not this plump, juicy bird!  BIG tender pieces of breasts and legs, with just the right touch of glaze for browning! Once I finished “tasting” these two mouthwatering delicacies, I only had room for ONE of their famous BBQ ribs, dressed with secret sauce, and smoked for hours, served with plum chipotle glazed sauce.  At this point, I had to remind the guys….. “Guys…..guys….this IS a taste test remember……so, do you mind sharing just ONE rib with me” as they were reaching for their 2nd and 3rds!

  Surely, no more food to taste, BUT yes…..last but not least, three different types of desserts made their way to our table!  Blackberry cobbler, chocolate brownie and my East Texas favorite, pecan pie!  Not just any pecan pie, but a delicious, over sized pecan pie shell stuffed with big pecan halves, scrumptious center, cooked just the right amount of time to make it firm, topped with ice cream, fresh whipped cream and of course,  a cherry!   

            “Check please--- I cannot eat another bite!!”

  So, Moms and Dads, if you want a family-oriented restaurant  that serves a GREAT meal, large portions, and is reasonably priced, drop by 3 Stacks BBQ for authentic, down home  BBQ—cooked in my opinion, East Texas style!  You and your family won’t leave hungry!


- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962. Email:

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