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ICONIC! The hub of Downtown Dallas

  If you see the Eiffel Tower in a photo, you know you are looking at Paris. If you see the Sky Needle, you know it is Seattle.  When the Twin Towers were lost, a skyline photo of New York was not the same!
  As long as the great mirrored multilevel building with the great ball in the sky is in a photo, you know you are looking at downtown Dallas. If the photo doesn’t include the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion most people wouldn’t know you were looking at the Dallas Skyline.
  Fifty Stories in the air, Wolfgang Puck’s 560 now occupies the Reunion Tower (the rotating ball in the sky). It is a must experience if you are visiting Dallas to view the city in all its glory at the Cloud 9 Cafe.
  The Hyatt Regency is perfectly suited to host conventions and perfectly located to easily access everything Dallas. When it opened in 1978, the city of Dallas became recognizable worldwide.
  Hundreds of thousands of guest each year take advantage of the 1120 rooms, 42 suites, 160,000 square feet of convention area, stunning views, and dining experiences to satisfy every whim.
  Just 10 minutes from Dallas Love Field and 15 miles from DFW Airport!
  This AAA Four-Diamond rated luxury hotel has an underground access to Union Station. From there, all the magical places you want to visit in Dallas radiates from this historic central transportation hub built in 1916. The 23 million dollar restoration can take you back in time and into the future.
  Amtrak can bring you directly to the Hyatt from all over America if you have the time to read or write a good book.
  From there you can ride the DART commuter transport system to Plano or Garland. The Cotton Bowl at Fair Park, the Dallas Zoo, the 6th Floor Museum, Gilley’s, the Dallas Convention Center, the West End Entertainment District, the American Airlines Arena and all parts in and around the Dallas Metropolitan Area are on the routes.
  You can take the Trinity Railway Express to DFW or on to Ft.Worth without getting wet!
Featuring Executive Chef Hermann Hiemeyer
 There was no better choice to host an Iconic gathering of Twenty One of the most influential people in Dallas dining history.
  They came from all parts of the civilized world of highly ranked hotels and resorts.     They mentored today’s most acclaimed chefs. Most came from Europe because in the 60’s and 70’s the United States had not yet blossomed with accredited culinary schools.
  It was culinarians such as these who became the teachers and supported education of a whole new generation of chefs.
  Who better than the world traveler and a former Hyatt Chef of the Year to deliver a classic menu.

Executive Chef Hermann Hiemeyer
and the culinary staff of the
 Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion
Proudly Presents
Reunion at Reunion Classic Cuisine Menu
Butcher’s Pork Suelze, Young Yukon Potatoes Roasted in Caraway Chive Butter
Texas Revolver Orange Blood N’ Honey Pork Tenderloin over Banana Bread Crostini
Broken Arrow Ranch Duck Liver Mousse, Local Apple Cider Pickled Brussels Sprouts,
 Blue Berries, Cranberry Baguette Chip
Caffeine Cowboy Kopi Luwak Roasted Muscovy Duck Breast, Molasses Mole
Pepita Masa Croustada
German Kohlrabi Soup, Speck, Drizzle of Rye Bread Dust
Maine Seafood Quenelle over Savoy Cabbage, Old Port Wine Beurre Blanc,
 Frosted Red Beet Strings

D’s Sweet Street
Marquise of Black Pepper Mascarpone Cheese Cake, Raspberry Rhubarb Sorbet,
 Candied Lemon Thyme
Pomegranate N’ White Guittard Chocolate Lolli Pop in Rose Water
Madam Pompadour Pineapple Surprise
Himalayan Pink Salt Guittard Dark Chocolate Tranche, Almond Tuile
A special thank you to Ben E. Keith for the complimentary gift basket and my old friend Clark Guittard for supplying the chocolates. 

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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