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By J.B. Blocker
On Monday October 20th this illustrious group of very special people gathered at the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion to share a classic European menu, recall the development of the Dallas culinary culture, and to be memorialized in photos and on film.
D-Magazine, Ms. Nancy Nichols
Rosiggnol Production, Ms. Isabell Rosiggnol
EWMCS, Chef David Sokol
 Dallas Chefs Assoc., Chef Pat Mitchell
Hosted by Hyatt Regency
 Executive Chef Hermann Hiemeyer
Co-Host Caffeine Cowboy, J.B. Blocker
EMCEE, Honorary Chef Dotty Griffith
Chef John Blaze, Chef Karl Haas, Chef Ernst Gruch
 Chef Klaus Mittlehauser, Chef Bernard Muller
 Chef Josef Bucher, Chef Rene Weibel, Chef Andre Bedouret
  Chef Klaus Baumbach, Chef Karl Kuby, Chef Ewald Scholtz
   Chef Peter Curley, Chef Randy Gehman, Chef Robert Bilfulco
       Gus Katsigris, El Centro, Lucian LaBarba, Ben E. Keith 
Chef James Deibel (For Chef Jean LaFont)
  Honorary Chef (JD) Werle, Honorary Chef Gay Prewitt
On the personal invitations, the following was included.

You have been responsible for great Dallas venues.

You have mentored many current and future great chefs.

You have been instrumental in apprenticeship and education.

You have promoted and supported the dining industry.

You have elevated the dining industry with your talent and skill.

You are highly regarded by your peers.

This list would not be complete without you!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  On behalf of the staff of the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion it is my honor to welcome each of you to a memorable afternoon to share and create memories. You will honor us with your presence.

  Please accept our invitation to join us for a historic gathering of exceptional professional. Our guest list of 21 very special people includes senior Chef John Blaze (age 93) and remembers the late great Chefs John LaFont and Werner Vogeli.
Executive Chef Hermann Hiemeyer

Honorary Chef Ms. Dotty Griffith will begin with a nostalgic view of this illustrious group.
Ms. Nancy Nichols of D-Magazine will record this event for posterity.
Ms. Isabell Rossignol will video record for the Dallas Historic Society.
The Caffeine Cowboy, J.B. Blocker will provide the World’s Rarest Coffee (Kopi Luwak).

 Wild Mountain Kopi Luwak
the 'Bucket List' coffee
 roasted by Caffeine Cowboy
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     I personally roast every bean and hand manicure each batch before packaging to insure that no 'bad beans' reach the consumer.  It is a time consuming and pain-staking procedure! The coffee is roasted, ground, measured and delivered weekly to insure freshness in 14 gram/ 4 cup personal packets for $18. Discounts available for 10 packs, 30 day supply, and commercial purchases.
     This coffee is without a doubt distinctive, exquisite, exotic, and memorable. For coffee lovers, it is an experience you will want to check off of that list!
     Expect to see it served wherever fine foods, exceptional desserts, and choice wines are offered. Or you can buy on-line at Caffeine beginning in December 2014.
     Enjoy the following video!
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- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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