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NOLA GRILL, Bringing Classic New Orleans Cuisine to Frisco

NOLA  GRILL Ribbon Cutting  Wednesday August 7, 2013
8898 Coleman Blvd. Frisco, Texas
Frisco Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

   The Frisco Chamber of Commerce welcomed the opening of NOLA Grill on the Frisco Square with a ribbon cutting. 
Bob, Anne, and Katherine Brown
  Chef Nick Totten and wife Christine have brought a taste of Classic New Orleans cuisine and the feel of the bricks and lanterns of Toulouse and Bourbon Streets to Frisco, Texas City Square.

Christine did all the decorating and developed the schemes of their restaurant and is also hands on in the front of the house management

  “I spent a lot of time with my grandparents who also lived in Hilton Head. I still remember the Flounder stuffed with crab my grandmother Dot would make. It remains one of my favorite dishes. She was a friend of Julia Child and the Boston Culinary Institute. She really influenced my love of cooking and especially fresh seafood for my entire life.”

   “My jobs have pretty much been working my way from dishwasher, busboy, and waiter all the way up to becoming the Executive Chef and General Manager of very successful seafood concepts. I’m really excited to be able share the taste I have grown to love.” 

  After working in the kitchens of his childhood home of Hilton Head, Nick attended Johnson and Wales Culinary in Charleston and then headed to New Orleans. After a stint in the kitchens of Emeril’s, he returned to Hilton Head to share the exciting taste of New Orleans.

Further experience was gained at The Mansion at Turtle Creek and CQ’s in Hilton Head.

"We'll take you there!"
That's the mission and the promise the Totten's have made to their guest.
Expect the young chef with nearly 40 years of gulf coast influence to bring seafood to life. Classic Gumbo, BBQ Shrimp, as well as several other dishes that pay homage to classics from Commanders Palace, Emeril’s, and Mr. B’s are featured on a limited but well rounded menu.

Chef Nick is especially looking forward to creating playful daily chefs specials that include Low Country Cuisine and classic surprises.

Join them on Face Book at Chef Nick Totten of NOLA


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