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How to Caffienate your Bacon, The Caffiene Cowboy

Caffeine Cowboy Writes Again  by J.B.Blocker

  There is a good reason that I chose the moniker Caffeine Cowboy and not the Coffee Cowboy. 
  To some extent, the oriental half of me also enjoys, appreciates, and respects Teas of all kinds. 
  I did not want to be eliminated from that culture.
  And then of course, there’s Chocolate!

Coffee: The Mediterranean half of me demands at least two cups of very strong coffee before I can talk or even see straight. Throughout the day, if I am in writer’s mode, I am constantly brewing another cup.

Like my hero Beethoven, I prefer to make my coffee one cup at a time. No pots of coffee for me. I turn to my home made cold water filtered syrup, my one cup pour over steep and strain brewer, or my French Press.

I think nothing of squeezing out an espresso at anytime day or night. In fact, it is hard for me to pass an espresso machine without grabbing a grupo and creating coffee essence art for the soul.

Last night was a normal night for me. I was planning out my upcoming day and found myself brewing a cuppa. I might have added a dash of whiskey.

Chocolate: The stars were aligned the day I made friends with Clark about 20 years ago. That’s Clark Guittard of the Guittard Chocolate family! From then on, I have been introduced to the wonderful world of chocolate beyond Hershey’s. He took me on a tour of chocolates from different countries, how they were prepared differently, and how many wonderful products they make with chocolate.

When I crave dessert, chocolate comes to mind. When I grocery shop. I consider whether I have chocolate mint ice cream, cookies, and a few other odd chocolate nibbles at home.

Chocolate and Coffee are my friends.

Bacon:? It is my belief that bacon is good with pretty much anything. BLT is my go to comfort food with tomato/basil soup. If I-Hop and Denny’s didn’t have bacon, I probably would not eat there. More bacon is way better than not enough.

I am a connoisseur of bacon! It is a wrap for quail and dove, it is the skin around a perfect meatloaf, and the perfect topping for any hamburger or salad. If it could be in a dessert, I’d give it the benefit of the doubt.

Is there a way to combine the three! I give you Chocolate sprinkled Bacon and a hot Cup for breakfast, a brunch snack, or a lure for other bacon fiends.

Here’s how: Chocolate Chip Bacon
Start out with at least a dozen crispy strips of bacon.

Chop up your chocolate of choice ( I prefer semi-sweet, but 
frozen 3 Musketeers, Snickers, and chopped Butterfingers also work )

Sprinkle the chips of chocolate over the bacon and nuke for 20 seconds.

Grab a cup of coffee, and your gun to guard your Bacon Chips from preditors!

You’re welcome! The Caffeine Cowboy

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962. Email:

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