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ANDY HARDIN, Preserving a Legacy

Meet Andy Hardin
Candidate for Collin College Board of Directors
  Andy Hardin has a special heritage and commitment to the past and future of Collin County that very few can match.

  Andy Hardin was born in McKinney, and is a life-long resident of Collin County.  
  His mother is a descendent of Collin McKinney for whom the county seat and county are named. Hardin Blvd. was named in honor of his father. 
  Those are deep and abiding roots that have guided his commitment to Collin County’s past and future.

  After graduating from McKinney High School, Andy enrolled at Texas Christian University. In his freshman year he was drafted and chose to serve in the U. S. Army during the Vietnam War. 
  Andy completed his service and then returned to TCU where he received his BBA with a focus on business administration and accounting.

  He then spent twenty years working with his father for the A.M Scott Insurance Agency.  There he sold insurance and managed the back office functions of the million dollar business. A.M. Scott Insurance sold the first automobile policies in North Dallas.

When the agency was sold, Andy spent the next ten years publishing Inside Collin County Business and McKinney Living. His family legacy and life time dedication to Collin County afforded him with a very special awareness and appreciation for the exploding growth of population and commerce. The award winning publications allowed him to further his experience guiding small businesses to success.

  Andy’s business and accounting acumen and experience have kept him successfully involved in his profession and also to service to his community. Andy started his own part-time business in 1989 as a bookkeeper and payroll administrator. Over the years the business has grown into Collin County Bookkeeping.

  The Hardins grew up in a family that considered community service and involvement as a responsibility.  He has always sought ways to give back to the community.  Throughout his life he has been involved in numerous civic and service organizations, holding numerous positions that provided leadership and experience.

Andy and Amy Hardin have lived in Frisco for the last nine years and have two sons.  Thomas is a commercial architect living in London, England with his partner Sean Barlow, and Blaine is an active Special Olympian who lives and works in McKinney.

Visit his web site to learn more about his qualifications to continue serving on the Collin College Board, Place 9.

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962.

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