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KELLY COOPER 'I am prepared!'

Position you're running for: Prosper Town Council Place 1

Occupation: Account Executive and licensed TX Property Tax Consultant 

"I know that if we expect an accountable local government, it requires being involved and aware of what is going on in our community.
   In order to have a true voice, the city leaders need to know who I am, and that I take their volunteered service to represent all “Prosperites” very, very seriously."

  • To date over the past two years I have attended the vast majority of Town Council meetings; and for 2010, more than half of the assemblies.   
  • Attended many PISD board meetings
  • Honored by the request of the Mayor to serve on our Prosper Town Charter Amendment Committee in 2010
  • Asked by Council to serve on the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) in early 2011 – Aug 2012. I enjoyed and valued serving on both of those committees. 
 "Having been involved in a numerous programs throughout the community has helped me become more aware of the long and short term effects that our future decisions carry." 2010-present: Precinct Chair, Prosper Voter Precinct 178
  • 2010: Became a Collin County Deputy Voter Registrar and helped Prosper Tea Party to facilitate a very successful 2-day Voter Registration Drive.
  • 2011: Attended the Collin County Citizens Sheriffs Academy, in order to see how well our county tax dollars are being used, and understand the workings of the many responsibilities of the County Sheriffs Office and how they serve Prosper in particular; and to basically become a more informed, valuable, and responsible county citizen
  • 2012: Attended the Collin County Citizens Prosecutors Academy.  Again, to understand how our tax dollars are being used in the County Judicial system, and likewise to become a more informed county citizen.
  • Attended, co-hosted, and/or facilitated three 8hr U.S. Constitution classes.
  • Facilitated two fourteen-week long, weekly Constitution Study Groups, one in Collin County and one in Prosper.
  • I have gained access to many of our county,  state, and U.S. Congressional representatives.  This was done by building professional relationships with these individuals.

Why are you running?   

  "About five years ago I began to become very worried about many issues that had to do with government, debt, our future, and the future in store for my young daughters who were just beginning public education.
   I started to pay much closer attention to the activities in our country, state, and local governments." 

"Four years ago, as things continued to become more worrisome, I attended my first political rally in Dallas, resulting in my joining the emerging Dallas Tea Party."

In July of 2009 with a handful of equally concerned Prosper citizens, I volunteered to coordinate the Prosper Tea Party.

Prosper Tea Party Assembly
  Over this time, I became a regular attendee of our Prosper Town Council meetings and also attended various other town and County meetings whenever I could (such as PISD board, PTOs for the girls’ schools, Prosper Rotary Club, Planning & Zoning, County Commissioners Court, multiple town hall meetings and public hearings, and much more).  
  My goal was to get connected to the town, town members, and elected representatives who are involved in shaping our growth and policy.  
  I have particular interest in the budgets and how our tax dollars are spent.  This includes local policy and its impact on our private property rights, policy and curriculum in our PISD, and future development that is planned or is a potential for Prosper. General accountability and honesty in the open government is what We the People expect and count on. I will serve Prosper with principle, accountability, and honor."

What would you like to change?   
   "I believe there needs to be accountability and transparency at all levels of government, including our local municipal government.  
   This will be an automatic focus and instinctive commitment of mine as a member of this council, since I have spent the last several years working to achieve just that on a local, county, and state level.    
   Additionally, I would also like to see our road and other infrastructure projects be scheduled and completed in a more timely and efficient manner." 

Why are you the best candidate?    
  "For over three years I have been a citizen watchdog of our taxes and town policy and have been serving as a vocal involved citizen representative of the people of Prosper.   
  When measured against candidates for this council seat, I am confident that my experience and involvement in our town, county, and state over the past proves my qualification.  It assures the voters that I am diligent, prepared, responsible, and reliable. I am a capable and trustworthy candidate at this time for Prosper Town Council Place 1."
  "I am ready to hold the responsibility of a vote on behalf of Prosper citizens on our Town Council." with no conflicts of interest and no time needed to get up to speed.  I am passionate about protecting Prosper and the citizens who’ve invested their time and resources to make Prosper the worthwhile life style investment that all who live in it want it to be."  

Thank you, to my neighbors, the good citizens of Prosper.  I will stand for you and I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.
Please take the time to get to know me and then share and VOTE! 

  My family has known the Cooper's since they moved to Prosper. It didn't take long to realize that Kelly is intelligent, hardworking, honest, and consistent. She's a great mom, good friend, and someone you can count on.
  Kelly is completely committed to her family and our community. As a constitutionalists, she believes in keeping the government small and keeping the community a part of the conversation.
  Without a doubt, Kelly has the ability to help build a stronger foundation for our community as we move into the future. She will do her absolute best for the Town of Prosper! She'll make intelligent decisions and show fiscal responsibility that allows Prosper to grow, without causing excessive financial burdens to the residence of Prosper. Also, I know Kelly will keep the council true to the spirit of community, which is why many of us chose to make Prosper our home in the first place. There is no place quite like Prosper, and we want to see that preserved as we continue to grow.
  My husband Ryan and I believe she's the best person for the job. We know Kelly has a way forward for our community. Our family loves the bond we feel within our town and Kelly Cooper is a part of that positivity.
  We love living in Prosper, and spend time as a family participating within the community through various volunteer activities. We do what we can to make a positive difference. Ryan is the Director of Product Architecture for a North Texas telecoms company. As for me, there is no way to “glam up” being a stay at home parent. I chase after kids, although I feel more like a zookeeper some days. smile
Angie Pipkin, mom of five, and proud Prosper community member.

  • Prosper Tea Party
  • Collin County Deputies Association
  • Jim & Dana Herblin: TX State Senate 2012 candidate ; wife, CPA
  • Ben Williams: Chief of Staff for Representative Ken Paxton TX Congressman HD 70 (Prosper)
  • Sgt Donald Rutledge Jr: Retired US Army, Collin County Director for Oath Keepers
  • Barbara Harless: District Coordinator Constitution lobby, Retired Stock broker, Voter Precinct Chair 144
  • Joe Wright: Constable Elect Collin County Precinct 4
  • Shane Williams: Constable Elect Collin County Precinct 1
  • Ray Ricchi: McKinney City Councilman
  • Joe Pizzuro: Founder of the Providence Tea Party, Youth Coordinator for Plano Tea Party
  • Lorie Medina: Co-founder of the Dallas Tea Party, Founder of the Frisco Tea Party, Radio co-Host of the Right Alternative
  • Brad Chumley: Former Board Member & current member Prosper Chamber of Commerce, Former President of Prosper Rotary, President of CIM Wealth Investors
  • John Hill: Prosper Builder for Darling Homes
  • Bill Remington: past President of Prosper Chamber of Commerce, past President of Addison Business Association, member Prosper United Methodist Church
  • Bob Luckock: Broker, past President and Board Chairman of the Prosper Chamber of Commerce, and six year member of the Prosper EDC
  • Bob Ernst: Retired US Navy officer & pilot, Financial Advisor - Edward Jones, Prosper Rotary member, member Rheas Mill Baptist Church
  • Ane Cassidy: Realtor, Former Prosper Town Councilwoman, Former Prosper ISD Board Member, Prosper CPAC member
  • Dick Smith: Voter Precinct Chair 13, First Methodist Church of Celina, Former Celina City Council member, and Celina Fire Dept
- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas.

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