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My new friends Avery Redmond and Shawnnice Davis and dinner for five!
Bennigans Renewed
by Libby
Meet our wonderful new friends at Bennigan's in Plano

Before the grand opening of the reintroduction of Bennigans into our area (Central Expressway between Spring Creek and Park in Plano, TX), my dad and I were invited to their soft opening.  
soft opening is an opening that takes place just before a restaurant opens for normal business. They invite friends and family to eat for free! Its an important introductory stage when the restaurant can fix the last of its kinks and determine how it will work with the customers.
Dad and I were joined by our friend J.B. Blocker and new friends Mike and Chrystal. Every guest was given a different menu, each of which had different meals for the customer to choose from. 
        We were welcomed by managers Liz Tavison and Sarah Kissell. They explained that we should all try something different in order to give their chefs-in-training a wide variety of meals to cook.
It’s funny, but even with a full house, you could hear everyone at your table. J.B. said it was because of the high ceilings. And you can see all the T.V’s from just about everywhere. That night, several Olympic events and the Rangers were showing.
We shared appetizers and each ordered a different entrée. Our appetizers were: Pub Bites, Monte Cristo’s, and the Mix & Match Appetizer Trio. 
The Monte Cristo!
        I had the Stacked Chicken and Shrimp which was delicious! It was perfectly cooked chicken which was very tender and juicy, covered with cheese, and with baby shrimp on the rims of the plate. My dad ordered the Monte Cristo dinner and we both had enough for leftovers the next day.
Ultimate Buffalo Chicken Salad
       JB got the Baby Back Ribs, which he shared with everyone. They were delicious! The other entrées included the Ultimate Buffalo Chicken Salad, and the BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger.
Delicious Brownie Bottom Pie!
        We barely had room for desert but somehow found room for the Brownie Bottom Pie, which I must admit, was my favorite part of the meal. It’s a big, warm brownie with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. To top it off, it was drizzled with chocolate syrup. The ice cream cooled the fresh brownie, and it all just seemed to melt in your mouth. 
The servers there are very social, so it’s not that awkward “may-I-take-your-order” encounter and then they leave, coming back only to refill your drinks. They were energetic and friendly, constantly having an “I’m really happy to be here” look on their faces.
The significance of this opening is that many other restaurants have been closing, making this a highlight—a place people will be attracted to not only because of its highly rated food, but also because it’s new, or in this case, renewed! 
      They have also changed the layout of the building, which I noticed is much larger on the inside than you would have guessed just seeing the outside. They have not only changed the arrangement to make it more open, but they have also changed some of the items on the menu with new, even better
choices than before. 

     Their signature Monte Cristo seemed better than ever, and we all agreed that the ribs were among the best we had ever fact, of all of the items served at our table, nothing disappointed!

  Their web site proclaims “Welcome to Bennigan’s, a legendary, chef-driven neighborhood pub and the perfect place to kick back and experience the genuine spirit of Irish Hospitality,” and I totally agree. 

      To paraphrase Mark Twain, “Rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

      Bennigan’s is dedicated to providing their guests with genuine, high-spirited service. And they do! with great waiters and waitresses, and the food! I highly recommend Bennigan’s! Whether it’s for a nice family dinner, or if you want a night out with some friends, or to take a special someone out on a father and daughter night, Bennigans is a great place to go! 

Libby Cooper is a 12 year old with a flair for words.

- J.B. Blocker is a media consultant based in Collin County in North Texas. Advertise with J.B. by calling 469-334-9962. Email:

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