The Denton Chamber Effect

by J.B. Blocker
  Did they improperly effect the 2016 Denton City Council Election? Probably. Was it intentional? I have no reason to mention this except for a few sticky little issues.

  Why am I bringing this up? I am a journalist and a campaign consultant and I have been engaging more and more in Denton County.  I felt I had run across a problematic issue in the local politics that should be addressed now. It bothers me.

   I am a big fan of several chambers and consider the Frisco and Allen presidents to be friends along with a ton of prized acquaintances.

  I have attended the McKinney, Frisco, Allen, and Plano weekly breakfast Links meetings a few hundred times over the last 9 years with the same reasoning as attending Sunday church. The weekly attendances  range around 100 to 200.

  God knew what he was doing when he commanded a weekly day of worship. Without that, souls wouldn’t have the nourishment they need on a regular basis. Like minded people who are so different are validating each other, supporting, encouraging, cheering, weeping, praying, and believing in a higher purpose together. That is pretty powerful stuff.

  Consider it one of the most personal forms of social networking for entrepreneurs and businesses in a community. I have gotten up early on rainy snowy days when I wanted to sleep in just for the pleasure of that association.      
  Where else can you shake hands with dozens of other business people once a week and feel like you could help someone or they could help you just to start of that day. Kinda like what church does for you.

  To me, it is empowering. Denton Chamber doesn’t do that. I kinda understand. They are big..  But they should find a way. They have about 23 Members of the Board of Directors. Looks like an impressive list to me.  It says they have over 800 members. That’s too big to accommodate and allow everyone 30 seconds to say their howdy’s. 
  However, that is also a big social network, especially during election time. I looked at the Denton Chamber facebook page and they only have less than 1400 likes. That doesn’t impress me much. All I see is the occasional ribbon cutting and rare mixers. Maybe they don’t have as much influence as they have members after all.

Hello Denton,

   I have been looking at you for a few years. I am drawn to you.


The Andrew Principle John 1:40-43

The Andrew Principle
Campaigning 101
jb blocker

  You don’t hear much about Andrew the apostle. We know he was one of the first to be chosen with James and John. Later in the Bible, he brings the boy with the fish and loaves that feeds thousands. He is also at the resurrection. But he is also mentioned for one other thing that has resonated throughout the ages. He took his brother Simon to meet Jesus! Simon became Peter!

John 1: 40  One of the two who heard John speak and followed Him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. 41 He found first his own brother Simon and said to him, "We have found the Messiah” (which translated means Christ). 42 He brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, "You are Simon the son of John; you shall be called Cephas" (which is translated Peter).

  Now that’s some really good recruiting! That’s like finding Babe Ruth and introducing him to baseball.
  I call it ‘The Andrew Principle’. Remember to acknowledge everyone you can. Look for the wall flowers. Make contact. Write down names, exchange contact information. and give each person the courtesy of being important.
  I feel bad if I realize there was someone I didn’t get to from the valet, to the servers, to the guest.
  You never know if the exchange might not lift someone. You never know how that person might matter to you sooner or later. Or how you might matter to them more that you will ever know.  And remember, everyone can use another friend.


Signs, Signs, let your Signs Shine!

What’s Your Sign?

  There are real people behind those signs! Do you get to know them before you vote?  
  In today's electronic era, it is not that hard to study up on them and find out when they will be locally available.
  You can google, yahoo, bing, linked-in, facebook, twitter, etc.etc. 
  It is an honor and pleasure for me to help you know that person behind the sign. 
  Your responsibility as a concerned citizen is to take the time to know the candidates and then speak up for the ones you believe can be a dedicated voice you trust.

They come in all sizes. They are on hats and shirts and pins. On the highways and byways, private property, personal property,and automobiles.
  Some say that they are distracting, or that they are a nuisance, or even a driving hazard. Are they necessary? I say YES!

   And if you don't eventually have any signs in your yard, on your vehicles, or even worn on your shirts, hats, or luggage then I say 'You haven't become passionate about your leadership! And let me add, you have no right to complain!'
Do those signs influence you?
  Do you remember all the names of candidates you see covering every available green space? Do you research these names on-line and then take the time to meet and hear them? 
  What effect do those signs have on you? Do they annoy, entertain, inform? You can leave a comment. 


Come and get your love!
jb blocker at the NDT and Lebanon in Frisco

League of Extra Ordinary Reviews
  I am sitting on the bench at the entry to  Bonnie Ruth’s on the sun side waiting for a friend. It’s Sunday morning and the brunch crowd has filled almost every one of the seating areas. ­­I want to sit in the garden so I tell Liz Brown that I will wait out front.

  Do you know Liz? You want to! Liz Bivona Ianace comes from the New York tradition of Vinny’s, and Anthony’s, and Joey’s. Now that’s Italian. Her bakery features a Euro Comfort flair and flavor.
  Her grandparents on both sides owned bakeries and restaurants. She was passing out menus and busing as a teenager. Miss Liz found her calling early in life.
  Liz is a hostess! A natural hostess who uses food as the lure! She is a greeter, a hugger, and she lives for smiling happy guests who come back for great food and courteous service. Her restaurant is considered the “Cheers” of Frisco. Where everybody knows your name.
  Couples, families, groups are coming in and out smiling in both directions. I tip my hat to the ladies and make sunny comments to young and old alike. It dawns on me! Literally and figuratively. The east facing entry is now bright and welcoming.
  This is a place where everyone goes in Frisco! I am witnessing an incredible rainbow of Frisco humanity. And they have come in colors and cultures with grandchildren, friends from churches, and couples dressed up and down.
  It’s not just that there is something for everyone. You can physically feel the warmth that comes with Sunday Brunch.

Rockwall Sheriff Harold Eavenson 2017's National President of the NSA

Rockwall County Sheriff
Harold Eavenson,
   The seasoned statesman will become the 76th President of NSA in June 2017. With this high honor he becomes the 5th Sheriff from Texas to serve in this position, and the first in almost twenty years. There are 3,088 Sheriffs in the United States.
   Sheriff Eavenson assumes the mantle at a time when the nation needs to better engage and coordinate with the National Sheriffs Association. They serve the heartbeat of our nation. Rockwall County, the State of Texas, and the Nation all gain a respected voice.
  Rockwall County citizens are very fortunate to have such a respected leader as their guardian of law and order.

Sheriff Eavenson is Chairman of the Resolutions Committee  Serves on the Executive Committee 
The Immigration and Border Security Committee
The Audit Committee for NSA. 
He has served as Chairman of the Technology Committee of the Sheriffs' Association of Texas (SAT) for the past five years and also served on the Board of Directors of the SAT.

   Eavenson has been the Sheriff of Rockwall County since January 2001, and has served in the following capacities since being elected:



jb blocker

What a Texas Lady!
Lisa Hendrickson's perfect combination of grit and intelligence now protects every other Texas holder of concealed handguns from unintended consequences. Add Lisa's grace and humility and she's a wonderful candidate for Chairman of the Denton County Republican Party. I'm most honored to support her.”
Cathie Adams  President, Texas Eagle Forum

 Joshua is 15 years old. His mother is about to teach a valuable lesson in bravery, leadership, and how the system is supposed to work.
  Over a 6 month period from Feb. 24th to Sept. 1st of 2015 he and his family witnessed the wheels of legislative change up close and very personally. But first he would have to watch as his mother set off alarms and gather the attention of DFW airport’s security.
  Lisa Hendrickson and her son had caught a break. The politically active mother from Denton County was taking her teenager to Washington D.C. to participate in CPAC. The Conservative Political Action Conference for 2015 featured a who’s who of the nation’s GOP leadership. It convened on the 26th for three fully scheduled days.
  They had to really rush to catch an available flight 7 hours earlier. They scrambled to pull everything together and the family of four got to DFW where Jon (dad) and big sister Julianna had dropped them off.
  When the alarms went off at the security check point, it very quickly dawned on Lisa that her purse with a side zippered access held her hand gun!


Civic Duty and the letter.

Civic Duty, A Call From Above

by J.B. Blocker                                                                                                                                              
  Little David had a problem. There weren’t enough Valentines in the packet they had bought for his 4th grade class Valentines card exchange.  
  You remember, those shoe boxes we wrapped and covered in hearts with a slit on top to slide in those little cards. It’s a big deal. At that age, it’s not about love. It’s about friends and mutual recognition. Those little cards have vague little notes that make the giver and the receiver feel better. It’s amazing what a little note can do to make someone feel better. 
   There were a few more kids in his class than there were cards in the Valentines kit, and David didn’t want to leave anyone out.  

   Mom came to the rescue with a few extra ‘grown up’ cards.  Now, there’s another problem. “Who do I give the bigger ones to? Well, there are my friends. And Lana Rolf is nice. We almost have the same birthday and she’s always nice to everyone. That was easy.” 


Lon Garner

  Lon Garner is a man you should know. He is truly our 12th man.
  There are four candidates vying for the seat being vacated by Judge Chris Oldner.  With the backlog of cases stacking up, this is no time for learning!

  Only one candidate for the Collin County District Court #416 has prosecuted and defended Criminal, Family, and Civil law cases.

Still the same, but better every day!
j.b. blocker
A letter from Mom
   Hello.  My name is Katherine Garner and I'd like to tell you a few little known facts about Lon L Garner, who is running for Judge of the 416th Judicial District Court.
   Lon was born during the Vietnam era while his father was in the Air Force, stationed in San Antonio. We later moved back home, to Jacksboro, Texas where he attended and graduated from Jacksboro High School. An honors graduate, he then attended Texas A&M University, was a member of its Corp of Cadets, and graduated with a degree in Political Science.

    He is one of the most dedicated, loyal and focused individuals I know and I have the pleasure of calling him my son.  Dedicated to God and his family and loyal to his clients and friends, Lon has maintained focus on a career path providing a service to the people of Collin County.

  Lon's interest in law was apparent when at the ripe old age of 5, he threatened to "sue" a doctor who held him down to give him a shot.  I'm still in a quandary about where that idea came from, although we have laughed about it for years.
  He is a natural leader who was always elected to leadership rolls by his peers whether on the athletic field or in the classroom. From Team Captain to Student Body President, Lon was a leader among his peers.  His leadership rolls enhanced his college career at Texas A&M and St. Mary's where he continued to lead by example.
  Only Lon could graduate from law school, get married, take the State Bar Exam, go on his honeymoon, and move from San Antonio to McKinney in a little more than two months and make it look easy!  After a brief honeymoon, Lon and his new bride, Roslyn, moved to Collin County where he had been offered a position in the Collin County District Attorney's Office. 
  After 4 years as an ADA, Lon accepted a position with the law firm Touchstone Bernays, an insurance defense firm in Dallas, Texas.  During the time he was at Touchstone Bernays, Lon noticed his infant daughter was beginning to treat him as if he were a stranger when he came home after a long day at the office.  Believing that family was more important than a job, Lon resigned and has been self-employed ever since.

  I am very proud of my son.  I hope you will join me in supporting him as he runs for judge!!

When it was time for pre-school immunizations, 5 year old Lon Garner was not happy! He threatened to sue his family doctor! 
 “My name is Shellye (Berry) Harvey and I grew up with Lon Garner. In fact, it was my father Dr. Neil Berry that Lon threatened to sue! Dad fondly remembers Lon and his character. Looking back, Lon’s surprising defensive threat at being forced to be vaccinated was an early signal as to where his path lay.  It shows Lon’s logic and his desire to effect change and right the wrongs of injustice, even as a boy of 5 years! He has been that way throughout his life.
 We attended the same small-town public school in Jacksboro, Texas. I was a year ahead of him with around 50 students in each class. Jacksboro is a conservative, buttoned-down town where Lon always stood out. I knew him through school activities including band and Student Council. We were both drummers in our small high school band.